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Beatles Open Learning Experiment with Prof. Gordon Thompson

Gordon Thompson

In Fall of 2013, Prof. Gordon Thompson, with support from Ben Harwood (Instructional Technologist) and John Schneider (Class of '14), delivered our first Open Learning Experiment (OLE) to over 100 Skidmore alumni and parents. In Professor Thompson's welcome note he states:

"This is Skidmore’s first attempt at opening our classrooms to students beyond the physical Skidmore campus.  Here, we’ve taken a popular 100-level introductory course that I am offering during the fall semester of 2013, broken it’s lectures down into its smaller components, and made it available to the Skidmore community: alumni and parents, as well as to students who are in the classroom.  We understand this course as an articulation of Skidmore’s commitment to building a community of life-long learners."