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Academic Technologies

Digital Media Creation and Delivery

Whether it is scanning an image or creating digital video clips for a class, Academic Technologies can assist you with the creation of a wide range of digital content. If you are interested in flipping your course or incorporating blended components, our staff can teach you the skills necessary to create the materials to achieve your objectives. 


Lecture Capture and Podcasting

Academic Technologies is exploring a number of ways to capture lecture materials for a variety of purposes. Lecture capture and podcasting can be used for creating review materials for complex topics, allowing the intended audience to access these resources at their convenience. These short lectures are also used to deliver a flipped classroom model, where students are expected to engage in the content prior to class and actively make use of what they have learned during the class meeting time. Here are some approaches we are currently exploring:

iPad using Doceri - An instructor can deliver a lecture directly from an iPad, annotate slides or applications, record the lecture (but not record your presence) and share it with students after class for their review.

Microsoft Surface using Ink2Go - You can do the same thing with the Surface, however, if you are a Windows user you may find this interface to be more familiar. You can project all your applications from the Surface, draw on the screen to annotate your lecture, record it if you like, and share it later. 

Screenflow - If you are looking to record some lectures where you may want to appear in the recording, or if you plan to do some fairly intentional editing, you may want to record from a more fixed location using Screenflow. An approach such as this can take a bit more time and planning than a more quick and dirty annotated recording of an event.

If you are interested in pursuing any of these options, please contact us and we will be happy to assist. We can also loan out the necessary equipment if it is available.


Creating Digital Video Clips and Scanning

Academic Technologies can assist you in learning the process of digitizing snippets of video from VHS or DVD media. We have facilities available in Library 222 that faculty can gain access to any time the library is open. We have scanning equipment and computing resources that can handle intense video editing processes. If you need assistance with digitizing materials, please submit a Help Desk Request.


Getting Your Digital Materials Online

Academic Technologies provides numerous avenues for delivering your digital course materials.

Blackboard - Each semester, course shells are automatically created in Blackboard for every course offered that semester. If you are a faculty member, you just need to login to Blackboard and your courses will be there waiting for you. You can post nearly any type of content/files in your Blackboard course. We do request that video files be hosted on our streaming server, Ensemble or ShareStream. This helps prevent unwanted downloading of video and the video itself operates more smoothly from a system designed for the delivery of video. Video and other digital content can also be accessed by linking to a URL from within Blackboard.

WordPress - WordPress is another popular way of sharing digital content online. It's not just for blogging any more! You can create blogs, but it is also an excellent tool for creating websites using one of the built in templates we provide. For more information on WordPress.

Ensemble Video Streaming - In collaboration with the New York Six Consortium for Liberal Arts we have acquired a hosted instance of Ensemble for the streaming of video. Still in its infant stages at Skidmore, you will find here lectures and presentations hosted at Skidmore. You can also find lectures from other NY6 colleges. If you are interested in posting any of your past lectures on Ensemble, for others to view, please contact us. For an example, click here to see an archive of Moseley Faculty Research Lectures.

ShareStream - If you have video materials you would like to stream to your students and they fall within the guidelines of copyright and fair use, we can assist you with making them available from our ShareStream streaming server. Not sure if the materials you want to use fall within these guidelines? Take a look at The Campus Guide to Copyright Compliance, provided by The Copyright Clearance Center (2014). Here are some additional Teach Act and Copyright and Fair Use resources which are brief and to the point:

iTunes University - iTunes University is a good resource if you want to deliver audio files to a broad audiences in an easily downloadable format. On iTunes University, we house concerts performed at The Zankel Music Center, dating back to September of 2009. Take a look.