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Video conferencing
Virtual Conferencing at Skidmore

We offer support for a variety of approaches to host presenters and meetings, or conduct interviews and courses virtually:

Google Hangouts
Polycom and Tandberg
If you need help determining which tool would be most appropriate, read through the helpful guidelines below.

Virtual Conferencing Scenarios:

If you need assistance determining what solution to use, please submit a Help Desk request.

When planning a virtual conference it is important to consider the following:

  1. Where is the virtual conference being held?
  2. What is the expected size of audience?
  3. Is the virtual conference originating from off campus?
  4. Will you need a computer delivered?   
  5. Is a telephone necessary for the audio portion?
  6. Will you require the incoming video image to be projected on a large screen?
  7. Will you need to send a video image back to the external site?
  8. Does this virtual conference need to be recorded?
  9. Do you have specific information as to the URL, IP address, telephone number, or other information pertaining to the conference?
  10. Have you forwarded all this information to Media Services along with completing a Media Services equipment delivery form?

Please note:

Virtual Conferencing Resources: