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Interactive Classroom Projection

We offer a number of different ways to increase interactivity of classroom lectures and instruction. If you are interested in adopting a flipped classroom approach, or provide lectures for review after the fact, most of the solutions below will allow you to do this fairly easily. Also included are the locations where you can find these resources. If you are interested in trying out one of these technologies and you can't arrange to teach in that space, please submit a Help Desk request and we will see if we can accommodate your needs.



SMART Podium A SMART Podium acts as a computer monitor that lets you use a special pen to control the computer and annotate and draw over the display and project the image to the screen. You can choose from a number of different pen sizes and colors and it's possible to save and record your annotations for later retrieval.

Davis Auditorium
Sports Center 201
Pala 302

SMART Board A SMART Board is combination of a projected image with a white board, creating a highly interactive presentation space. What is usually controlled from a podium can be controlled from the SMART Board. The instructor can write notes directly on the screen using digital ink, save the annotations and share them digitally with students after class for review.  Dana 240
Harder 103
Pala 200
Weller Room
eBeam eBeam Projection turns any whiteboard into a fully featured whiteboard. Projected annotations can be captured and shared as online notes. This is installed in the Academic Technologies training room and is projected on Gator Wall. (Gator Wall is a wallpaper that creates a dry erase surface.) Library 222 
IdeaPaint IdeaPaint is a specialized paint that can turn any wall into a dry erase surface. Click here for a video tutorial on how it works. Bolton 280 & 282
Doceri Doceri, an app used on an iPad, turns your iPad into an interactive whiteboard. You can project the image from your iPad directly to the projection screen and display as your draw on your device. Annotations can be captured and shared online with students after class for review. Doceri can also be used as a remote desktop control for the classroom podium. Here is an informative review of Doceri from Faculty Focus. Davis and Emerson Auditoriums
Sports Center 226
Harder 103
Dana 240
Filene 119
Bolton 280
Apple TV  With an Apple TV available in your lab or classroom, you can easily move about the room and project material from an iPad. If you choose, students can also share content from their own iPads. Foreign Language Lab, Pala 200, LI 113