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International Student Life

Global Thoroughbreds!

Life for international students at Skidmore and in Saratoga Springs, New York, is enriching, exciting and rewarding. Academic expectations for students are high and cocurricular campus programming presents numerous opportunities for skill-building, leadership, and well-deserved study breaks. A cultural of balance between work and play is proudly maintained by the Skidmore student body.

Saratoga Springs is a safe and culturally rich community where the core of the historic downtown center is a short walk from campus and the riches of outdoor resources are within grasp of the city.

International Student Advisors encourage students to take advantage of career opportunities during their time at Skidmore and in Saratoga Springs. Starting with the International Pre-Orientation (IPO), guidance is offered throughout your time as a student here to help you be successful and fulfilled as a Skidmore Thoroughbred.