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TIPS: Study Skills and Strategies

Public Speaking

Your professor calls on you in class.
You know you need to respond. But you are afraid you'll sound stupid, or you will mispronounce something, or your voice will squeak, or people will hear your accent.

You are in a meeting where you didn't think you would have to speak.
And you daydreamed for just a half a second and the Chair of the meeting turns to you and asks what you thought of that last remark.

You were assigned an oral presentation to give in front of the whole class.
And it's 10%, or 15%, or even 25% of your grade. You have to do it.

One of your friends is having a party.
You walk in and you realize that the room is full of people you don't know.

You need to introduce yourself to your peers at Speech Night.
You decide to run for office. Great. Now what?

Help is on the way, consult with one of our staff. and/or view our Guide to Public Speaking.