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  • AR 111. Basic Ceramics

    Basic issues of aesthetics and technique developed through the direct manipulation of clay. A variety of forming techniques will be explored and demonstrated, including pinching, coiling, slab constructing, and throwing. In addition to group and individual critiques, weekly lectures will provide a working knowledge of kiln firing (both gas and electric) and clay and glaze formulation.

    Fulfills arts requirement. Lab fee: $75

  • AR 217. Intermediate Ceramics

    The continued development of aesthetic concepts and techniques. Individual exploration and expression will be encouraged. Through a structured approach with demonstrations, lectures, weekly assignments, and group and individual critiques, the student will be exposed to hand-building and throwing, as well as raku, salt-glazing, and stoneware reduction techniques.

    Prerequisite: AR111 or permission of instructor. Lab fee: $100

  • AR 318. Advanced Ceramics

    A further intensification of the use of clay as a medium and a continuation of the development of the forming processes of hand-building and throwing. Also included will be the formulation of clay bodies and the investigation of kiln firing techniques.

    Prerequisite: AR217. May be taken for credit three times with permission of instructor. Lab fee: $100 (includes clay, glazes, firings).