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Communication Design

  • AR 209. Communication Design I

    An introduction to visual design and communication theory. Emphasis is on developing a strong foundation in visual perception, design principles, and typography. Students will undertake studio problems aimed at developing visual awareness, analytical thinking, craftsmanship, and use of hands-on media and digital techniques.

    Prerequisites: AR131, 133, and 134. Lab fee: $105. D. Hall.

  • AR 227. Communication Design II

    Further development of the concepts and skills introduced in Communication Design I. Emphasis is placed on integrating the symbolic and communicative aspects of typography with visual elements. Through the application of design principles and typography, studio projects will stress strong visual concepts while exploring hands-on media and digital techniques.

    Prerequisite: AR209. Lab fee: $105. D. Hall.

  • AR 337. Advanced Communication Design

    A continuation and development of the formal and technical aspects of designing with type and image. Students will be introduced to recent developments in visual communication theory and practice, including multimedia and interactivity. Readings in design history and criticism as well as independent research will complement studio work.

    May be taken for credit three times with permission of instructor. Prerequisites: AR131,133, 209, 227 or permission of instructor. Lab fee: $105.