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  • AR 101. Introduction to Painting

    An introduction to painting as a medium of visual expression. Emphasis is placed upon exploration of formal and technical concerns. Basic studies include drawing and will explore a variety of subject matter and media directed toward the organization of the two-dimensional plane. Summer only. Not open to Skidmore art majors.

    Fulfills arts requirement. Lab fee: $16

  • AR 201. Painting

    An introduction to oil painting, focusing on traditional painting methods and materials. Using direct observation, this course builds understanding of compositional principles, color relationships, the physical and expressive properties of paint, and the creative process.

    Prerequisites: AR131, 133, 134. Lab fee: $16

  • AR 234. Watercolor

    Exploration of the materials and methods used in watercolor painting. Included will be dry and wet paper techniques, resist processes, and experimental painting. Conventional methods of illustrating the figure and landscape will also be stressed.

    Prerequisites: AR131, 133, 134. Lab fee: $16

  • AR 311. Intermediate Painting

    A continuation of painting concepts explored in AR201, designed to further acquaint students with technical processes, formal relationships, and conceptual issues. Structured assignments employing direct observation (including the figure) and invention provide a context for development of a personal vision. Other assignments will refer to historical and contemporary movements and painting methods with readings and discussions.

    Prerequisite: AR201. Lab fee: $16

  • AR 332. Advanced Painting

    Further investigation of formal, expressive, and technical aspects of painting. This course emphasizes individual exploration of structured assignments, leading toward self-directed studio practice. Readings and discussions complement studio practice. Emphasis is placed upon more individual exploration of assigned formal problems in the studio.

    Prerequisite: AR311. May be taken for credit three times with permission of instructor. Lab fee: $16