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  • AR 108. Life Modeling: Sculptural Study of the Human Form

    A study of the human figure through the medium of life modeling in clay. Slide lectures dealing with contemporary as well as traditional attitudes toward the figure will complement studio activity and offer a perspective on humankind's fascination with its own form. Initial course meetings will deal with elementary concepts in wax and clay as they relate to the figure. Students will be instructed in armature-building as well as mould-making techniques; finished works will be cast in plaster or bronze.

    Fulfills arts requirement. Lab fee: $80

  • AR 251. Elementary Sculpture

    Three-dimensional investigations utilizing casting, carving, and metal processes. The student will be exposed to a variety of materials such as clay, wood, metal, stone, and wax.

    Prerequisite: AR 132. Lab fee: $65

  • AR 253. Carving Processes in Wood

    An exploration of carving processes and concepts related to wood in sculpture. Studio activity will concentrate on wood carving. Slides and studio presentations will provide the basis for study of the technical and historical development of stone carving. Students will gain practical experience with drawing as it relates to carving processes, conceptual thinking, and the realization of three-dimensional form.

    Prerequisites: AR132 or permission of instructor. Lab fee: $65

  • AR 352. Advanced Sculpture

    A process oriented course emphasizing the development of individual attitudes and involvements with three-dimensional form. The techniques and materials utilized will include casting, carving, metalworking, and plastics.

    Prerequisite: AR251. May be taken for credit three times with permission of instructor. Lab fee: $65