Independent Studies | Courses | Studio Art at Skidmore College


Independent Studies

  • AR 371, AR 372. Independent Study
    3, 3

    Individual work in a given discipline, in most cases following its AR366 level of sequence. Open to senior art majors and other qualified seniors.

    Permission of instructor and department chair is required. Lab fee: courses carry the fee as noted in the individual course description.

  • AR 399. Professional Internship in Studio Art
    3, 6, or 9

    substantial academic and cocurricular experience in the major. With faculty sponsorship and department approval, students may design internships in studio assistance to professional artists, in artist cooperatives, graphic design studios, advertising design studios, galleries, museums, and printing houses, or in other art-related projects. Open to junior and senior majors and minors.

    No more than three semester hours in any internship may count toward the studio art major or minor. Non-liberal arts. No laboratory fee.