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  • AR 101. Introduction to Painting

    An introduction to painting as a medium of visual expression. Emphasis is placed upon exploration of formal and technical concerns. Basic studies include drawing and will explore a variety of subject matter and media directed toward the organization of the two-dimensional plane. Summer only. Not open to Skidmore art majors.

    Fulfills arts requirement. Lab fee: $16

  • AR 108. Life Modeling: Sculptural Study of the Human Form

    A study of the human figure through the medium of life modeling in clay. Slide lectures dealing with contemporary as well as traditional attitudes toward the figure will complement studio activity and offer a perspective on humankind's fascination with its own form. Initial course meetings will deal with elementary concepts in wax and clay as they relate to the figure. Students will be instructed in armature-building as well as mould-making techniques; finished works will be cast in plaster or bronze.

    Fulfills arts requirement. Lab fee: $80

  • AR 111. Basic Ceramics

    Basic issues of aesthetics and technique developed through the direct manipulation of clay. A variety of forming techniques will be explored and demonstrated, including pinching, coiling, slab constructing, and throwing. In addition to group and individual critiques, weekly lectures will provide a working knowledge of kiln firing (both gas and electric) and clay and glaze formulation.

    Fulfills arts requirement. Lab fee: $75

  • AR 115. Introduction to Fiber Arts

    An introduction to the fiber arts. Projects will allow students to explore off-loom woven structure, loom weaving, resist-dyeing and screen-printing. Students will work with flat pattern and composition as well as three-dimensional fiber construction. Historical works will be studied as well as the contemporary evolution of this art form.

    Fulfills arts requirement. Lab fee: $55

  • AR 131. Visual Concepts

    An introduction to the study of visual relationships on a two-dimensional plane. Through guided exercises using both drawing and design mediums, the course builds understanding of principles of design and composition, as well as skills in perception, visual thinking, problem solving, and creativity. Drawing from observation, conceptual research, and manipulation of visual elements are integrated in this course.

    Fulfills arts requirement. Lab fee: $16

  • AR 132. Form and Space

    Fundamental study of form in three dimensions. This course develops understanding of formal visual concepts as well as skills in perception, visual thinking, problem solving, and creativity. Drawing as a means to translate ideas into three-dimensional form; processes using minimal tools and easily worked materials; and working methods that emphasize planning, study, and experimentation form the basis for this course.

    Fulfills arts requirement. Lab fee: $43

  • AR 133. Drawing

    An expanded study of principles introduced in AR131. This course builds on basic drawing experiences, refining skills in observation, organization, interpretation, and critical analysis. Studio work introduces a range of traditional drawing tools and materials while exploring a variety of approaches to image making and visual expression.

    Prerequisite: AR131. Fulfills arts requirement. Lab fee: $16

  • AR 134. Color

    An introduction to the study of color in studio art. This course develops understanding of the characteristics of color through color theory, observation, organization, and experimentation, and builds skills in perception, visual thinking, and creativity. Guided exercises explore the role of color in compositional relationships, the psychological and expressive effects of color, and the physical properties of color mixing.

    Lab fee: $16

  • AR 201. Painting

    An introduction to oil painting, focusing on traditional painting methods and materials. Using direct observation, this course builds understanding of compositional principles, color relationships, the physical and expressive properties of paint, and the creative process.

    Prerequisites: AR131, 133, 134. Lab fee: $16

  • AR 209. Communication Design I

    An introduction to visual design and communication theory. Emphasis is on developing a strong foundation in visual perception, design principles, and typography. Students will undertake studio problems aimed at developing visual awareness, analytical thinking, craftsmanship, and use of hands-on media and digital techniques.

    Prerequisites: AR131, 133, and 134. Lab fee: $105. D. Hall.

  • AR 215. Textile Structures

    Exploration of the sculptural properties of planes based on building single and multiple-element surfaces. Studies in fused and single-element structure (felting, netting, knotting, plaiting, hand and machine knitting) will be followed by the focus of the courseloom weaving (including the use of the computer-assisted loom). Students will construct three-dimensional structures based on individual expression. Readings in textile history and contemporary art issues, writing, and discussion will complement technical grounding in traditional textile processes.

    Prerequisite: AR115 or permission of the instructor. Lab fee $55

  • AR 216. Textile Surface Design

    Theoretical and practical textile surface design employing screen-printing, direct painting, and resist-dyeing techniques. Projects may take the form of flat pattern design, wall hangings or costume. Students will be introduced to the use of computers in designing selected projects.

    Prerequisite: AR131 or AR 134 or permission of instructor. Lab fee: $55