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1. If one looks to understand the history of the Western world, he or she would invariably have to use ancient Greece as a starting point to that end. Likewise, if one looks to understand ancient Greece, he or she must study the predecessors to the ancient Greeks.

2. The study of the predecessors of the ancient Greeks informs not only an examination of the classical Greek world but of western civilization as well.

3. Some historians argue that there are only three concentric rings of protective walls at Dimini (Demand 1996, p. 13), while others claim there to be as many as seven (

4. Demand (1996, p. 13) argues that three concentric rings of protective walls surround Dimini, while Rutter ( 2.html#6) claims as many as seven.

5. The House of Tiles was very innovative for its day. It was several stories and was decorated in colorful clay and wooden panelling. This building was also burned by people that have come to be known as the Patterned Ware People.

6. Innovative for its day, the House of Tiles stood at least three stories in height. Its builders decorated it in colorful clay and wooden panelling. The culture known as the "Patterned Ware People," so-called because of the type of pottery typically found attheir sites, burned the House of Tiles in approximately 2600 BC.

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