Business German

Reinhard Mayer Palamountain 429, x 5214

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Course Overview:

This course will introduce students to the communications and cultural differences in the world of German business transactions. Students will study the economic geography of Germany, strategies of advertising, marketing, management, banking, personnel relations, imports/exports, and related topics relevant to doing business in Germany. These subjects will be considered in the context of agricultural and industrial production and trade in Germany. Emphasis will be placed on developing skills in correspondence and communication in a contemporary business setting. The effects of cultural differences on business communications will also be considered by viewing a series of video tapes prepared by the Goethe Institute. Students ma use this course to prepare for either the ZDfB or PWD tests administered at Skidmore each Spring. These internationally recognized exams, prepared by the German Chamber of Commerce in conjunction with the Goethe Institute, certify student's skills in Business German.


  • Gudrun Clay. Geschäftsdeutsch. An Introduction to Business German. Second Edition. McGraw Hill, 1995.
  • Werner Schmitz and Heinrich Stricker. Das Zertifikat Deutsch für den Beruf. Goethe Institut, 1997.