Fulbright Grants
for Skidmore Students

Go abroad and study it, and see it, taste it, touch it, feel it, be part of it. -- Daniel Patrick Moynihan

Aren't you the woman who was recently given a Fulbright?  --  Paul Simon


FULBRIGHT grants offer opportunities for either graduate study or teaching assistantships in foreign countries following graduation. Applicants must devise a program of study at a foreign university or design a specific project that requires study and/or teaching in a foreign country. Fulbright grants cover all expenses, including round-trip transportation, tuition, and a stipend for living expenses for a full academic year. Grants may be used to study in over 140 countries in Europe, the Americas, Africa, Asia, Australia, and Oceania.

A few examples: In 2001 Robert Ingenito received a Fulbright grant to go to the University of the Philippines to study the anthropology of disaster relief. In 2002 Kelly Sullivan was awarded a Fulbright grant to study creative writing at Trinity University in Dublin. Skidmore's most recent Fulbright recipient is Sarah Nicholson. Sarah is now teaching English in Leipzig, Germany.

To qualify for a Fulbright Fellowship, you must be a United States citizen at the time of application and must have a B.A. or B.S. degree before the beginning date of the grant. Although the Fulbright program does not require a specific grade point average, experience suggests that you should have at least a 3.4 average to be competitive. You must, of course, have a good reason for wanting to study in a particular country or at a particular school abroad. Competition is very keen, but Skidmore students have been successful in winning Fulbright grants.

Completed Fulbright applications for 2005-06 are due in late September 2004, but your junior year is the right time to begin thinking about Fulbright possibilities, discussing them with faculty, etc. You can then write your proposal in the summer before your senior year. Good Fulbright proposals usually take quite a bit of lead time, so start early.

A Fulbright Student Program information booklet and a sample of the Fulbright application form are on reserve at the Skidmore library and in the Office of the Dean of Studies. The information booklet gives general information about the Fulbright program and describes opportunities and requirements for specific countries. Also available at the library and Dean of Studies Office is a Directory of Students crosslisting recipients and their projects by subject area and country.

You can also learn more about Fulbright grants from Professor Matthew Hockenos, Fulbright Advisor, 323 Tisch Learning Center. E-mail Professor Hockenos at mhockeno.

Click on these Web pages for more information about the student Fulbright program:
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A schedule and important dates for preparing and submitting a Fulbright proposal.
Frequently Asked Questions and Tips for Applying
FAQs about the Fulbright program. Be sure to read these FAQs.
IIE Fulbright Web Page
The Institute of International Education administers the Fulbright Program. This IIE Web page gives an overview of the Fulbright program. Carefully review this information. (NOTE: If you visit the IIE Web Page, you will leave this Skidmore site.)

Some Fulbright Recipients from Skidmore

Sarah Nicholson '01 taught English as a Fulbright Fellow in Germany.

Kelly Sullivan '02 studied creative writing in Ireland on a Fulbright grant.

Robert Ingenito '01 received a Fulbright for the Philippines.

There are other sources of support for graduate study abroad -- for example, Rhodes and Marshall Scholarships (although these particular scholarships are extremely competitive). Click for either the Career Services' Web site or else the Academic Advising Web site for information on international scholarships and fellowships. Contact Career Services to find still other ways to go abroad after graduation (e.g., the Peace Corps).

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