A Sample of Skidmore Fulbright Recipients

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SARAH NICHOLSON applied for her Fulbright a year after graduating summa cum laude as a music major in 2001. Sarah was a member of the Periclean Society. She spent a junior semester in Austria and has traveled widely. An accomplished flutist, Sarah has performed with numerous musical ensemblesat Skidmore and in Vermnot, New York, and her home state of Maine.

Sarah will teach English in Germany in 2003-04. Sarah wrote in her Fulbright proposal:

I will call upon my passion for music as well as my experience living in both rural and urban areas of the United States when I teach in German classrooms. Participating in Germany's educational systems and community organizations will enrich my understanding of the culture and language, and enhance my future performance as a German teacher.

Sarah will spend her Fulbright year in Leipzig, teaching at the Humboldschule Gymnasium, taking courses at the Universitat Leipzig, and involving herself in Leipzig's rich musical life.

KELLY SULLIVAN '02 graduated cum laude with a major in English. At Skidmore she was class president, Folio editor, News Editor of the Skidmore News ,founder of the photography club, and a member of the equestrian team that was national champion in 1999.

Kelly studied creative writing at Trinity College in Dublin, Ireland, in 2002-03. The abstract of her Fulbright proposal reads:

I plan to enroll in the Master's in Philosophy in Creative Writing at Trinity College, Dublin. The course utilizes workshops and individual instruction over two terms, with a third term for student preparation of a final portfolio of work. Additionally, courses in Anglo-Irish literature supplement the writing instruction, and this combined with immersion in Irish culture will provide me with a different perspective both of Irish literature and of my own writing.

ROBERT INGENITO '01 earned a Fulbright Grant for 2001-02. Robert was a Filene Fellow who double majored in Music and Anthropology. He was a member of the Periclean Society, received a Presidents' Day Award for his service to the Skidmore community, and graduated summa cumn laude.

Robert's Fulbright project was "Anthropology of Resettlement: Identity, Migration and Disasters in the Philippines." Here is the abstract of his Fulbright proposal:

I plan to study for one academic year at the University of the Philippines - Diliman and focus on the sociocultural dimensions of migration, natural disasters, and community resettlement in the Philippines. I will take anthropology courses on Philippine culture and the Filipino language and receive anthropological research training from a noted Filipino anthropologist who conducts research on communities resettled as a result of a recent natural disaster. This project will deepen my understanding of the Philippine culture and ethnicity and introduce me to the broader field of Philippine Studies.

Robert is in the anthropology PH.D. program at the University of Washington.

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