web-Human Physiology Teaching Simulation
(Physiology in Health, Disease and During Treatment)

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Welcome to web-HUMAN version 6.1
with six variable graphing, the ability to save & retrieve your experiments
and now with on-line Help.

Version 6.1 adds new on-line help features. [What is this?]
Also available: 19 'new' student lab experiments [Student Experiments]
-web-HUMAN is generally unavailable Wed. 5:00 a.m. - 8:00 a.m. due to college server maintenance.

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  • Physiology Model and underlying FORTRAN program by Tom Coleman, Univ. Miss. Medical School
  • Web front end by Chris Doherty, Skidmore '99 under the guidance of Roy Meyers and Leo Geoffrion, with funding from AT&T.
  • Experiment navigator, designed by Jon Cotton, Skidmore '02, coded by LDG 5/2001
  • Version 4 adds 2 variable data graphing (by LDG - 1/02)
  • Version 5.0 adds 6 variable plotting and normalized data plotting (coded by LDG 1/05)
  • Version 6 adds 6 variable flexible graphing and save/retrieve experiment capability (coded by LDG - 3/05)
  • Version 6.1 adds on-line Help for model's variables & procedures (content RSM/coding LDG 4/06)