Starting on June 28, 2007, we suddenly had a breakthrough in using amplitude modulated plasma waves to dramatically 'devitalize'/destroy/disintegrate/molecularly reorganize select microorganisms (Blepharisma). This page contains information on the frequencies used, waveform analysis and spectral analysis (frequency content of the waveforms being used).

Two audio rate frequencies were used in these dramatic experiments: 10,164 Hz and 924 Hz. These audio rate frequencies were output simultaneously from either a F125 frequency generator or a Macintosh computer running a program I wrote called "RBSquareGen".

CLICK HERE to go to a page of more information on RBSquareGen (including how to download and use the program for free!).

These two audio rate freuqencies were then sent into an OM1 transmitter (available from Plasma Sonics).

The OM1 transmitter adds a 'carrier wave' of approximately 27 MHz. Therefore, we have at least three freuqencies going into the plasma bulb: 27MHz, 10,164 Hz and 924 Hz.

The following waveform pictures and spectral analysis pictures are an analysis of the 10,164 Hz + the 924 Hz. This page does not attempt to show an analysis of what's coming out of the OM1 after being amplitude modulated, nor does it attempt to show what type of output is coming from the Phanotron plasma bulb.

Waveform and Spectrum (frequency content) analysis of the Macintosh computer running two copies ('instances') of my program "RBSquareGen": FIRST: SEVERAL WAVEFORM DISPLAYS (various X axis scalings)

10,164Hz + 924Hz:


(note: above display is one display broken up to fit on this page)

Above: 3-D spectral display

Above: SONOGRAM display (lowest frequencies on bottom, highest on top)

Above: "Multiband RTA" display of signal output of Macintosh computer running program "RBSquareGen" (two 'instances' of the program running simultaneously)