Anthony Holland, Conducting Positions

1982 - Present     Conductor, Skidmore College Orchestra
                            Saratoga Springs, NY

1992 - Present      Conductor & Music Director:
                              Bethesda Episcopal Church
                              Saratoga Springs, NY

1985-1994       Conductor, Skidmore College Chorus

1993 & 1987      Guest Conductor, Skidmore College Flute Ensemble

1992             Guest Conductor: Bethesda Church performance of Bach                            
                      Cantata:  "Wachet Auf"  1992

1991            Conductor: First International Workshop for  
                      Conductors  with the Bohuslav Martinu  
                      Philharmonic Orchestra, Zlin,  Czechoslovakia
                      [one of twelve chosen world-wide]

1990             Conductor: Opera Excelsior & Eba Dance Theater  
                       Production of "Gershwin".  Starlight Music Theater,  
                       Latham, NY

1989            Conductor: St. Cecila Chamber Orchestra & Opera  
                     Excelsior  production of Lukas Foss': "The  
                    Jumping Frog of Calavares County", at "The  
                    Egg", (several performances) Albany, NY                           

1989          Conductor: St. Cecilia Chamber Orchestra & Opera  
                   Excelsior  production of Mozart's "Der  
                  Schauspiel Direktor" , at "The Egg", 
                  (several performances) Albany, NY   

1989           Carnegie Hall Conducting Debut
                    Guest Conductor: El Camino Youth Symphony
                    several performances of my work "Sun  
                    Flight" for flute ensemble
                    and orchestra.  Palo Alto, Ca. & Carnegie  
                    Hall, NYC, NY

1988             Guest Conductor: Stanford University
                      for performance of "Grass", by David  
                     Jaffe, for voice  and computer generated tape.   
                     Stanford University Electronic  Music Concert (CCRMA)

1984 - 1987     Guest Conductor and Performer, Northeast Chapter of  
                         The American Recorder Society, with  
                         members of the Skidmore College Collegium Musicum

1987             Guest Conductor, Central Adirondack Festival Senior  
                      Chorus, Long Lake, New York 1987

1986             Guest Conductor, Saratoga All-County High School  
                      Orchestra  Festival Performance, Ballston Spa,  
                      New York  1986 

1982-87         Conductor Skidmore College Wind Ensemble
                        Conductor Skidmore College Collegium Musicum

1985-1987       Conductor, Skidmore College Women's Chorus

1984 - 1985     Conductor, Old Saratoga Reformed Church,  
                         Schuylerville, New York 

1973-1982       Conductor and Music Director, The Cleveland Civic  
                         Light Opera Company, Cleveland, Ohio

1982             Guest Conductor, Bethesda Episcopal Church, Telemann                      
                      "Concerto for Oboe"

1982            Guest Conductor, Baldwin-Wallace College Symphonic
                      Wind Ensemble, Berea, Ohio
                      Badings Concerto for Flute and Wind Ensemble

1982          *Guest Conductor, "Reconnaissance" (contemporary 
	                  music ensemble), Cleveland, Ohio
                   *conducted: Elliott Carter's Sonata for Oboe
	                 flute, cello and harpsichord (on 48 hours notice!)

1980 -81      Rehearsal Conductor, Baldwin-Wallace College  
                     Symphony Orchestra, Summer Music Clinic Wind  Ensemble

1980           Guest Conductor, The Old Stone Church Chorus
                    (professional church choir) Cleveland, Ohio

1979           Guest Conductor, The Symphony West Suburban 
                    Orchestra, North Olmstead, Ohio

1978          Guest Conductor, The Great Lakes Shakespeare Festival
                    production of "Polly", Lakewood, Ohio
                    several performances 

1978          First Apprentice Conductor, Baldwin-Wallace College
                  Bach Festival (2nd oldest Bach Festival in  U.S.A.)
                  Berea, Ohio

1978          Conducting Assistant to Kenneth Jean (former  
                   assistant  conductor for The Cleveland  
                   Orchestra) while in  residence at Baldwin-Wallace College

1977          Conductor, Baldwin-Wallace Student Chamber Ensemble  Program

1973-74         Guest Conductor, Fairview Park High School Symphony
                        Orchestra, Wind Ensemble, Marching Band,  and Chorus
                        Faiview Park, Ohio            

**********CONDUCTING REPERTOIRE***********

*Please note: this is a partial listing of mostly instrumental works which I have conducted. There is also a lengthy list of vocal/choral repertoire which I have conducted since 1973 as ell (not curently a part of this web page).

 Instrumental-Operatic-Oratorio: Conducting Repertoire

*note:  following title is month and/or year of performance.
             R-indicates a work conducted in rehearsal only.
             The key for name of ensemble is on last page.
             * Orchestra name key at bottom of this list

Anderson, Leroy 
 Sleigh Ride; 12/82; S
 Syncopated Clock; 5/84; S
 The Typewriter; 4/83; S

Bach, J.S.: 
 Brandenburg Concerto No. 4; 4/83; S
 Cantata 80, Ein Feste Berg...; R-1978; BW
 Jesu, Joy of Man's Desiring; 1986, S
 St. Mathew Passion; R-1978; BW
 Concerto for Two Violins; 4/83; S

Badings, Hank: 
 Concerto for Flute and Wind Ensemble; 5/78; BWWE

Barber, Samuel:  
 Adagio for Strings; R-1984; S

Bartok, Bela:  
 Rumanian Folk Dances; 5/84; S
 Concerto for Orchestra; R-1991; CZ

Beethoven, Ludwig:  
 Egmont Overture; 12/85; S
 Symphony No. 4; Op. 60; 3/92;S
 Symphony No. 5; Op. 67; 11/93; S
 Symphony No. 6, movement I; 12/89;S
 Symphony No. 6, entire: 11/94
 Symphony No. 7;movement II; 4/83; S, BW
 Symphony No. 8, Op. 93; 2/93; S
 Piano Concert No. 1; Op. 15; 11/92;S
Berlioz, Hector:
 Roman Carnival Overture, Op. 9; 11/90;S; 11/91/BZ

Bernstein, Leonard: 
 Overture to "CANDIDE"; 4/92; S
Bizet, George:  
 Carmen Suite No. 1;  4/87; S

Blatny', Pavel: 
 Hommage a' Gustav Mahler; 11/93; S
 "Das Lied"; 2/97; S 
	(World Premiere Concert)(Commissioned by Skidmore College Orchestra)

Brahms, Johannes:  
 Academic Festival Overture; 4/86; S
 Symphony No. 1; R-1980; BW
 "Double" Conceto for Violin and Cello, Op. 102 4/92; S
 Two Chorale Preludes; 4/90;SWE

Brant, Henry: 
 Skull and Bones; 4/91;S (World  Premiere, commissioned by Skidmore College)

Bruch, Max: 
 Violin Concerto No. 1 in g minor; 12/85; S

Cage, John:  
 Imaginary Landscape No. 4; 5/77; BW

Carter, Elliott:  
 Sonata for flute, oboe, cello & harpsichord; 5/82;  RECC

Chabrier, Emmanuel:  
 Joyeuse Marche; 12/83; S

Chaminade, Cecil: 
 Concertino (arranged for wind ensemble);12/89;SWE

Chausson, Ernest:  
 Poeme for Violin and Orch.;  R-1978; BW

Chobanian, Loris:
  Armenian Dances; 4/90;SWE

Chopin, Frederic: 
  Piano Concerto No. 1 in e; 12/86; S

Copland, Aaron:  
 Four Dance Episodes from "Rodeo" [entire], S, 1994
 Quiet City; S, 2/94
 Outdoor Overture; S, 2/94
 Hoe-Down; 1984; S
 Buckaroo Holiday; 1984; S
 Variations on a Shaker Melody; 1985; S
 Outdoor Overture; 4/90;S
 John Henry; 12/89;S
Cowell, Henry:  
 Hymn and Fuguing Tune No. 3; 1983; S
Creston, Paul:  
 Afternoon in Montreal; 1983; S
 Night In Mexico; 1984; S

Dello Joio, Norman:  
 The Dancing Sergeant; 12/87; S
 Scenes from "The Louvre"; 4/87; S

Doppler, Franz:  
 Double Flute Concerto; 4/87; S

Dvorak, Anton:  
 Slavonic Dances, Op. 46 No. 1; 5/84; S
 Symphony No. 9, Op. 95 ("from The New World"); 4/93;S

Elgar, Edward:  
 Enigma Variations: Nimrod; 1978; BW; 12/84, S

Erickson, Frank:  
 Toccata for Band; 12/86; SWE

Faure, Gabriel: 
 Peleas and Melisande, Op. 80; 11/92; S

Gibbons Orlando:  
 The Cries of London; 10/87; BSC+BVC

Gershwin, George: 
 Prelude II; 12/87; SWE
 Rhapsody in Blue; 4/93; S

Gluck, Christoph Willibald: 
 Overture to Orpheus; 11/92; S

Grainger, Percy:  
 Irish Tune from County Derry; 12/85; SWE

Granados, Enrique:  
 Spanish Dance No. 3; 4/83; SWE

Grieg, Edvard:  
 Peer Gynt Suite No. 1; 12/85; S
 Piano Concerto in A minor, Op. 16; 3/92;S/11/90;S

Guilmant, Alexandre:  
 Morceau Symphonique; 12/86; SWE

Handel, George F.: 
 The Messiah:12/83,84,85,86,92;S

Hanson, Howard:  
 Chorale and Allelulia; 12/85; S

Haydn, Franz J.: 
 Symphony No. 45 (Farewell): Adagio; 12/87; S
 Symphony No. 7; 4/83; S

Herbert, Victor:  
 Babes in Toyland, Selections; 1976; CCLOC
 Naughty Marietta, excerpts; 1977; CCLOC
 The Red Mill; 1973 & 1982; CCLOC

Holland, Anthony:  
 Concerto for Violin: 11/96: BW,S
 Concerto for Piccolo and Chamber Orch;  5/82;
 Nuegic Mash; 6/78; FHSMB
 Ultimus; 5/80; CIM
 Symphony for a Life; Reading-4/80; CIM
 Angstrom; 1986; S
 The Visions of Timberlaine; 1/77; BW
 The Three Walls of Matternil; 5/77; BW
 Et Facta Est Lux; 9/87;S(chorus)
 The Master Singers; 5/87;S(chorus)
 Saratoga Gallop; 12/87; SSHO
 Chopin Forever; 10/82; CCLOC
 The Conquerer Worm; r-1977; BW
 Two Moods for Orchestra; 1978; FHS
 The Entertainer (arranged); 1978; FHS
 Jazz Variations; 1972; FHS (jazz combo)
 Sunflight; 4/90;S & 6/89:ELCA

Holst, Gustov: 
 Suite No. 2 in F; 12/84; SWE
 Suite in E Flat; 4/88; SWE
 Marching Song; 12/89;SWE

Ives, Charles:  
 Circus Band; 4/88; S (orchestra and chorus)
 Country Band March; 12/86; S
 Fugue from Symphony No. 4; 1985; S
 The Unanswered Question; 12/83; S/11/92;S
 Variations on America (arr. for band) 4/88; SWE

Jacob, Gordon:  
 Suite in B Flat; 12/86; SWE

Jaffe, David: 
  Grass, for chorus and electronic tape; 12/87; S; & Stanford 1988

Kabalevsky, Dimitri:  
 The Comedians:  Gallop; 1985; S

Kern, Jerome:  
 Show Boat:  Selections; 1977; CCLOC

Khachaturian, A.: 
 Sabre Dance from Gayne Ballet; 4/86;  S

Lalo, Edouard: 
 Symphony Espagnol; 12/84; S

Lehar, Franz: 
  The Merry Widow; 1978; CCLOC

Loewe, Frederick: 
 Brigadoon Selections; 1978; SWSO

Maxwell, Everett:  
 Diamond Jim March; 5/85; S

Mendelssohn, Felix:  
 Violin Concerto in e; 1985; S
 Fingal's Cave Overture; 1978; 1984; BW  & S
 Elijah:  Lord God of Abraham; 12/87; S
 Elijah (all of part I, most of part II);12/93;S
 Symphony No. 4  ("Italian"); 4/97; S

Mozart, W.A.:  
 Andante for flute in C; 5/82; CIM
 Marriage of Figaro:  Overture; 4/83; S & 11/94;  S
 Magic Flute:  Overture; 12/87; S
 Piano Concerto in d K. 466; 5/85; S
 Concerto for Two Pianos Eb Major, K. 365; 1988;  ASO+S
 Symphony No. 29; R-1981; 
 Piano Concerto No. 27 in B flat; 4/88; S
 Requiem; 12/91;S
 Overture to "The Impressario"; 4/90;S
 "Porgi Amor" from The Marriage of Figaro; S 2/94
 "Una donna a quindici ani" from Cosi Fan Tutte; S 2/94

Mussorgsky, M.P.: 
 Khovanchtchina:  Introduction; R-1978;  BW
 Pictures at an Exhibition:  The Great Gate of Kiev; 4/83; S
 Pictures at an Exhibition: (entire) BZ, 1990
 Pictures at An Exhibition: (entire/Ravel), 1997; S
 Night on Bald Mountain; 11/93; S

Nielsen, Carl: 
 Concerto for Flute and Orchestra, Movement I 4/92; S

O'Reily, John:  
 Hudson River Suite; 12/87; SWE

Prokofiev, Serge: 
 Peter and the Wolf, Op. 67; 11/90;S

Ravel, Maurice:  
 Valse Noble & Sentimental; R-77; BW

Reed, Alfred:  
 Second Suite for Band; 4/86; SWE
 Russian Christmas Music; 12/87; SWE
 A Symphonic Prelude; 12/85; SWE

 The Pines of Rome; R-1978; BW

Rheinberger Josef:
 Concerto for Organ in F; 4/86; S

Rimsky Korsakov:  
 Scheherazade; R-1986; ESYO

Rodgers, Richard:  
 The King and I:  Selections; 6/78; BWWE         
 Oklahoma:  Selections; 1977; CCLOC
 South Pacific:  Selections; 1977; CCLOC
 Sound of Music:  Selections; 1976; CCLOC

Rodrigo, Joaquin: 
 Concerto Pastoral: Movement II; 4/90;S

Romberg, Sigmund: 
 Blossom time; 1976; CCLOC
 Desert Song; 1982; CCLOC
 Student Prince; 1979; CCLOC

Rosengarten, Lewis: 
 Four Poems of Arnaut Daniel; 4/92; S

Rossini, G.:  
 The Barber of Seville: Overture; 4/85; S
 "The Thieving Magpie", Overture; 4/90;S
 William Tell, Overture; 12/89;S

Saint Saens:  
 Piano Concerto No. 2 in g; 5/84; S
 Concerto for Organ in G Minor; 4/97; S 

Satie, Eric: 
 Gymnopedies No. II (orchestrated by Debussy); 1982; 11/92; S

Schubert, Franz: 
 Mass No. 5 in A Flat; 4/84; S
 Sympnony No. 8; 5/84; S

Schuman, William:  
 Chester; 4/87; S
 Dedication Fanfare; 12/89;SWE

Schwantner, Joseph:  
 And The Mountains Rising Nowhere;  R-1979; BWWE

Sousa, John Philip:  
 Stars and Stripes Forever; 4/83; S
 Washington Post March; 5/84; S
 Liberty Bell March; 4/87; S
 King Cotton March

Strauss, Joh. Jr.:  
 Beautiful Blue Danube Waltz; 5/85; S
 Radetzky March; 4/90; S

Stravinsky, Igor: 
 Suite No. 1 for Small Orchestra; 5/85; S
 Suite No. 2 for Small Orchestra; 4/89;S
 The Firebird Suite; S
 Histoire du Suldat; 3/97; S

Sullivan, Arthur:  
 H.M.S. Pinafore:  Overture; 12/86; S
 The Pirates of Penzance (complete); 1995; S

Tschaikovsky, P.:  
 The Nutcracker Suite; 12/84; S; R-1979;BW
 Violin Concerto in D; 12/87; S
 Piano Concerto No. 1, Op. 23

Vaughan Williams, Ralph:  
 Folk Song Suite; 5/85; S

Verdi, Giuseppe:  
 La Forza Del Destino:  Pace, pace, mio Dio; 4/86; S

Villa Lobos, H.:  
 Bracianas Brasilerias No. 1; 1977; BW

Vivaldi, Antonio:  
 Piccolo Concerto in a; 12/84; S
 Concerto for guitar (mandolin) in D; 4/87;  S

Wagner, Richard:  
 Prelude to Die Meistersinger; 4/88; S
 Introduction to Act II of Lohengrin; 11/93; S

Walton, Sir WM.:  
 Crown Imperial; 5/84; S

Weber, Carl M. Von: 
 Concertino for Clarinet; 12/84; S
 Overture to the Opera Der Freitschutz; 1/92;S

Wieniawski Henri:  
 Violin Concerto No. 2;  5/85; S

Williams, John:  
 The Empire Strikes Back; 5/85; SWE

**key to ensembles:

ASO=Albany Symphony Orchestra
BSC=Bethesda Schola Cantorum
BVC=Boston Viol Consort
BW=Baldwin-Wallace Conservatory Orchestra
BZ=Bohuslav Martinu Philharmonic, Zlin, Czechoslovakia
BWWE=Baldwin-Wallace Symphonic Wind Ensemble
CCLOC=Cleveland Civic Light Opera Company
CIM=Cleveland Institute of Music Orchestra
CZ= Bohuslav Matrinu Orchestra of Zlin, Czech Republic
ELCO=El Camino Youth Symphony, Palo Alto, Ca.
ESYO=Empire State Youth Orchestra
FHS=Fairview Park High School Orchestra
FHSMB=Fairview Park High School Marching Band
RECC=Reconnaissance contemporary music ensemble
S=Skidmore College Orchestra
SSHO=Saratoga Springs High School Orchestra
SWE=Skidmore College Wind Ensemble
SWSO=Symphony West Suburban Orchestra