This page will feature small (tantalizing) excerpts from our "deep lifter tests" (edited for national security reasons).

Category I: Nuclear Physics Lab Visit

This is a picture taken of me just outside the nuclear physics lab of an undisclosed research facility. Some of our first "deep lifter" tests were done in this lab.

Pictured (above): High Vacuum chamber setup for micro-lifter tests.

An unidentified nuclear lab technician lowers the specially designed 'micro-lifter' into a high vacuum chamber.

Overhead view of 'micro-lifter' in high vacuum chamber (above).

View through side-port of high vacuum chamber... of 'micro-lifter' (above).

Some of the equipment used in our 'deep lifter tests' at the nuclear physics laboratory. Note the neutron detector (black cylinder far back right of photo) and the deuterium supply bottle (left side of picture).


Now entering the realm of 'high vacuum' at 10-3 Torr (gauge above).

The power source for the micro-lifter is currently "classified" for national security reasons as are the results of this first round of deep tests, however.... here is a very short video clip which reveals only a hint of the final lab results:

Click here to Download mini video clip