Here are some still photos taken from the live video shot during my 7/7/07 lab experiments. You're seeing the gradual destruction/'devitalization'/disintegration/molecular reorganization of small microorganisms called "Blepharisma". I'm using a "Rife-Bare" Plasma device with specialized frequencies to cause these effects.

First we have two photos of 'organism #1' going through a 'devitalization'/disintegration/molecular reorganization:

Below, we have a sequence of 4 photos of a progressive collapse of 'organism #2':



Below we see 'organism #4' immediately following its 'devitalization':

Below, we have 'organism #5, which did not disintegrate but changed shape into a large round ball-like shape and ceased all swimming activity:

The last photo, below, shows a fragment of 'organism #6' which broke off when the larger organism reorganized its structures. This fragment retained the motive cilia and was found swimming around the slide.