----------------------------------LOGBOOK FOR JULY 6, 2007----------------------------------------------

Here are some photos (stills taken from the live video) of the Rife-Bare plasma experiments this night. The experiment involved only one organism: a Blepharisma:

This first series of photos shows one organism which gradually disintegrates under the influence of the plasma field. This process took about 15 seconds or so.

Next, we see an organism that at first breaks up into a series of small spheres, much like the organism you saw in the photos above, but this time, one of the newly formed 'sphericals' is sealed off (seals itself off?) and happens to keep the cilia, possibly forming a new organism of some kind. This newly created 'mini-blepharisma', now takes off like a little rocket ship and swims quickly around the slide.... even circling the remains of its former self. This was one of the most amazing things I've seen when doing these experiments.

Above: the fragment of the original blepharisma which broke off, retained the cilia and was able to swim around on the slide after having been separated from the rest of the organism. This is the most unusual result I've seen to date of these plasma experiments.