Compositions with Flute or Flute Ensemble
*********WORKS FOR FLUTE or PICCOLO With Other Instruments*********

Flute, Guitar & Cello
I. Free Verse
II. Elegy
III. Epic
Recorded on Albany Records: Troy 086
Two very exciting outer movements frame a beautiful slow inner movement.
Requires top level professional playing for all. (see reviews)
PUBLISHED BY: Cimarron Music & Productions

Solo Piccolo + Chamber Orchestra (1222-2221-timp+1perc-Strings)
Recorded on Albany Records: Troy 258
Also available in piano reduction
A Virtuoso showcase piece with a beautiful neo-romantic 2nd mvt.

Flute doubling Piccolo, Percussion and Narrator
World Premiere at the National Flute Association Convention,
Boston, MA, 1993
PUBLISHED BY: Cimarron Music & Productions
(The naration can be read aloud by the percussion player.) An easy percussion part combines with a moderately difficult solo flute part. Several movements.....named after famous New England folks.

TRIO FOR FLUTES: (@ 4 min)     [ 3 C flutes]
High school age and abaove will enjoy this easy to play trio.

TRIO No. 2 OF THE GALACTIC SALOON SERIES (@ 10 min)  [flute, clarinet & percussion]

*********WORKS FOR SOLO FLUTE *********
EPITAXY: ( 11 min.)    [ solo C flute + electronic tape]
An imaginative computer part (created from sampled flute sounds) makes for the perfect accompaniment of this international contest winning piece.  VIRTUOSO level.
PUBLISHED by Cimarron Music.

FANFARE: (@ 2 min.)    [solo unaccompanied C flute]
A great encore for any concert!
Very challenging.
PUBLISHED by Cimarron Music

NOSTRADAMUS: (@ 4 min)    [solo unaccompanied C flute]
A speaking/singing flute eerily projects the mysterious words of the great prophet.
Technically demanding.

*********WORKS FOR FLUTE ENSEMBLE*********

THE GLOBAL VILLAGE SAMBA (@ 2 min)    [7 C flutes & piccolo]
World premiere at the National Flute Assocation (NFA) Convention in Kansas City, 1994 by the National High School Flute Choir, Judy Moore, conductor
A fun and easy to play work for high school level flute players.
PUBLISHER: Cimarron Music

ANGSTROM  (@ 6 min)    [7 C flutes, 1 alto flute, 1 piccolo, bass flute optional]
WINNER: James-Madison University Flute Choir Composition Contest
A moderately difficult one movement piece, great for college or High School groups.
A "serious" addition to any program.
PUBLISHER: Cimarron Music

SUN FLIGHT: Concerto for "roving" flute ensemble and orchestra  (@ 15 minutes)
                            [9 C flutes, 1 piccolo & Orchestra]
Commissioned by he El Camino Symphony Orchestra and Flute  Ensemble for their debut at Carnegie Hall.
A surprisingly simple work which sounds complex.  Great for community orchestras who want to feataure local flautists.  Also a great piece to spotlight your flute ensemble on a local orchestra concert.  The flute ensemble starts from the back of the auditorium and eventually lands up on stage with the orchestra for a bid grande finale!
PUBLISHER: Cimarron Music

THE VISIONS OF TIMBERLAINE: (@ 15 minutes)  [12 C flutes, 3 piccolos & narrator]
A whimsical story of the adventures of young Timberlaine.  Could easily be excerpted for any program.  Features lots of fun special flute effects (jet whilstles, whistle tones, etc.).  Movements range from moderate to very difficult.
Available on rental from the composer.