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An Introduction

MU106, Fall 2017 | Requirements

17 January, 2017
Quizzes and Final Exam  
Approximately every two weeks, students will take a quiz on the material covered since the previous quiz. I will average these quizzes for your cumulative quiz score. 40%
At the end of the semester, I will pull questions and examples from the semester's quizzes to build the final exam. 20%
Written Assignments  
You will write two short (400-word) reflections on subjects covered in the video lectures and post them in the designated comments section for each section. Submit one in the first half of the class schedule (up to spring break) and the other in the second half. In your reflection, refer to at least one book, published article, or relevant interview. 10%
Write a source essay comparing how two different authors describe the same subject. 20%
Class Discussions
Participation in class discussions provides evidence of your daily preparation through watching the videos and reading material both on this website and elsewhere. 10%

If your quiz average and essay grade give you an average of B+ or better at the end of classes, you may choose to skip the final exam and take your existing grade. I will notify you after the Quiz 6 when I will compile your grades and include these at the end of your essay, which I will return to you by email during study break.

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