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An Introduction

MU106, Spring 2018 | Requirements

The course is divided into six segments, each concluding with a quiz. Each quiz has two parts. The first part will have four one-minute sample recordings with questions asking you to identify the songwriter, the singer, the producer, etc., as well as the year of the recording. The second part will ask you similar questions, but without recordings and covering the people, places, and things we discuss in class. 
+ Each quiz will be graded out of 50 points and will be averaged together for 50% of your total grade.
Response Essays  
Five times during the semester, you will write a short (200-word) response essay on a specific topic as discussed by one or more reliable sources. For the purposes of this essay, a “reliable” source is one that (a) has editorial oversight and (b) offers verifiable information rather than opinion. At the end of each essay, list your sources. Click on "Response Essays" to access the page where you can post your essay and read what others in your class have written.
+ Each response essay will be graded out of 30 points and will be averaged for 30% of your total grade.
Final Exam
The final exam (date to be determined by the Registrar) will consist of questions drawn from the six quizzes and cover the entire semester. (Note: correct your quizzes in class and keep them.) If after the last class (30 April) your class grade is B+ or better, you are excused from the final exam. (Collect your copy of quiz 6 from the bin outside my office door: Zankel 209.)
+ If you are required to take the final exam, it is worth 20% of your final grade.

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