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An Introduction

MU106, Fall 2013 | Requirements

Quizzes and Final Exam  
Approximately every two weeks, students will take a quiz on the material covered since the previous quiz. I will average these quizzes for your cumulative quiz score. 60%
At the end of the semester, I will pull questions and examples from the semester's quizzes to build the final exam. 20%
Song-Recording Paper 20%
Choose any two song-recordings by the Beatles and write an short (2,000 words, including bibliography) essay contextualizing, comparing, and contrasting the works.  
Give your paper a title and use subtitles to organize the information. Open with a clear statement in the first paragraph about what you are about to describe. Whenever possible, propose a thesis, present your data, and draw a conclusion.  
Follow the MLA style for in-text parenthetical citations and for your bibliography, as described in the Skidmore Guide to Writing.  
You need to cite your sources so that a reader can confirm that (a) that you have quoted correctly, (b) that you have interpreted the information accurately, and/or (c) that the source is credible. A reader should be able to follow your sources to recreate your conconclusions.  
I will grade papers according to how they meet the linked set of Grade Guidelines.  
Submit your essay by 30 November as a Word attachment. Late submissions cannot be accepted.  

If your quiz average and essay grade give you an average of B+ or better at the end of classes, you may choose to skip the final exam and take your existing grade. I will notify you after the Quiz 6 when I will compile your grades and include these at the end of your essay, which I will return to you by email during study break.
Attendance: Failure to attend class, to be timely in your arrival, and to be alert in class will result in a lowering of your grade.

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