The Theater Manager/Technical Director are the safety officers for the theater facilities.

Production Stage Management staffs are responsible for safety procedures in areas related to the stages and rehearsal studios during rehearsals and performances.
The House Manager coordinates and supervises safety and emergency procedures for audience members under the supervision of the Technical Director and Management Coordinator.
All students taking classes and working on productions are personally responsible for observing all safety regulations and procedures at all times.

General Rules

  • Smoking is prohibited in the auditorium, on stage, in rehearsal studios, and in all shops.
  • Do not touch any tools or equipment unless you are authorized to do so and have been instructed in proper use.
  • In the event of a fire (with or without an alarm) during a public performance or during class, rehearsal or work hours, all occupants must immediately vacate the building from the nearest exit.
  • In the event of a power outage notify Campus Safety immediately at ext. 5566.
  • Should a serious injury or health problem occur within the building the appropriate supervisor should be notified immediately and 911 and Campus Safety and should be called (ext. 5566). Do not transport injured people -- wait for Security or an ambulance.
  • Minor injuries should be handled in-house using first-aid and common sense. The first aid kit is located in the scenic shop office.