Current Season

Spring 2016

Our spring Black Box production is directed by senior directing students who have been chosen through a competitive selection process.


by Stephen Adly Guirgis
Directed by
Hannah Baker '16 and Theo Saroglou '16

Thursday, March 3rd through Wednesday, March 9th, 2016
All performances at 8:00pm except Sunday, March 6th at 2:00pm

    In a corner of Purgatory called Hope, Judas Iscariot is on trial for betraying
    Jesus Christ. Through the testimonies of larger-than-life biblical and historical characters like Mother Teresa, Sigmund Freud, and Satan, The Last Days of Judas Iscariot digs in to our natural human tendency to question our own self-worth and overall “goodness” and, ultimately, attempts to define the line between good and evil.

TICKET PRICES:  $12 General Admission / $8 Students & Seniors
Box Office: 518-580-5439 or email:



Directed by Guest Artist Ian Belton

Friday, April 8th and Saturday, April 9th at 8:00pm
Sunday, April 10th at 2:00pm
Thursday, April 14th through Saturday, April 16th at 8:00pm
Sunday, April 17th at 2:00pm

In Marina Carr's reimagining of the legend of HECUBA, Troy has fallen. It's the end of war and the beginning of something worse. As the cries die down after the final battle, there are reckonings to be made. In this American Premiere production, celebrated Off-Broadway director and Skidmore Alum Ian Belton steers a course headlong into the ultra-violent slaughter, highlighting uncanny parallels to not only geo-politics but our own notions of gender, race and religion. Through it all HECUBA, the queen of Troy, is portrayed not as the pitiable victim but rather a rarified nobility in the power of her unflinching conditions as a mother, a wife, and ruler of a kingdom of fire and death. In a world where human instinct has been ravaged by violence, is everything as it seems in the hearts of the winner and those they have defeated?

This production contains nudity and may not be appropriate for children.

TICKET PRICES:  $12 General Admission / $8 Students & Seniors
Box Office: 518-580-5439 or email:



The Living Theatre is the oldest ongoing experimental group in the United States. Founded in 1947 by Judith Malina and Julian Beck. Under the supervision of Professor Carolyn Anderson, longtime company members Jerry Gorelnick and Lois Kagan-Mingus will join us for their sixth residency. They will give a series of student workshops which will culminate in a site-specfic devised performance on Campus.
Thursday, February 18th through Sunday, February 21st
Friday 2/19 Workshop 3:45pm-7:30pm Studio B
Saturday 2/20 Workshop 10:00am-7:30pm Studio B
Sunday 2/21 Performance 10:30am-2:30pm Space to be Announced


Our workshop program provides students with the opportunity to explore their interests in acting, directing and playwriting. Each semester, students develop theater projects in consultation with a faculty advisor, culminating with performances in the Rehearsal Studios. Workshops are generally in Studio A on the second floor of the JKB Theater at 7pm unless otherwise noted.

February 21-23, 2016 in Studio A at 7:00pm
Written and Directed by Rachel Karp '18
Reeling from the death of her brother, Charlie returns home from college with one question: How to continue living? She turns to Montaigne, a 16th-century essayist who wrote about everything from loss and friendship to cannibals and thumbs. Before long, Montaigne becomes so much more than a faceless author. The line between reality and imagination begins to blur as Charlie is consumed by her desperate search for an answer.

March 23-25, 2016 in Studio A at 7:00pm
by Jeremy Bloom
Directed by Michael San Roman '17
What parts of our childhood do we hold onto as time goes by? Come fly to Neverland in this modern adaptation of J.M. Barrie’s classic, Peter Pan. Using the original text from Barrie’s novels, direct address, and some classic “let’s pretend,” Peter/Wendy explores what it means to grow up.

April 11-13, 2016, in Studio A at 7:00pm
by Caryl Churchill
Directed by Kate Glowatsky '16
Constantly bombarded by advertisements, computers, smartphones, tablets and technology, we have forgotten the importance of our own humanity. Caryl Churchill’s Love and Information is an adventure into the lost art of human connection. Each moment is a glimpse into someone else’s own unique, beautiful experience of life. A stranger’s kindness, the first butterflies of love, and the uncomfortable weight of holding a secret – these things we all know; it is only the perspective that changes.

April 24-26, 2016, in Studio A at 8:00pm
by William Shakespeare
Directed by Sonya Rosen '17
Meet us at the JKB, then follow Rosalind, Celia, and Orlando as they flee intrigue and betrayal in the court. Accompany them as they seek sanctuary in the Forest of Arden among honest friends and besotted neighbors, and join in the ceremony as Hymen, god of matrimony, joins three unwitting pairs of lovers together in marriage.

Our Director's Lab enables selected directing students to work in a larger venue than our studios and to work with more fully realized design elements.

by Peter Handke
Directed by Aaron Ardisson '16
Thursday, April 28th through Saturday, April 30th at 8:00pm
Sunday, May 1st at 2:00pm
in the JKB Black Box Theater
“The play Kaspar does not show how IT REALLY IS or REALLY WAS with Kaspar Hauser. It shows what is POSSIBLE with someone. It shows how someone can be made to speak through speaking. The play could also be called speech torture.” - Peter Handke
Through a series a sixteen phases, Kaspar shows what happens when man is thrust into a world where language is the key to power and survival.

As part of our growing program to nourish young playwrights, our Playwright's Lab is an opportunity for writers to present multiple staged readings of their developing works. Playwrights are paired with directing students and each reading is followed by a opportunity for audience members to comment on the work.

by Callum Lane '16
Directed by Michael San Roman '17
Friday, February 26, Thursday, April 21, and Friday, April 22 in Studio A at 6:00pm
Joey and Hallie play in the dirt. Joey and Hallie grow up. Joey and Hallie kiss. Joey and Hallie fall apart. Joey and Hallie come back together. Peanut Butter Crackers explores how the way we live, love, and interact with one another changes as we age.

Studio B is reserved every Friday afternoon after Theater Company Meetings from 3:30-5:30 for the presentation of any theater work by students. Reservations are on a first-come-first-served basis. The space can be approved and scheduled by Lary Opitz.

February 5 To Be Announced
February 12 Sonya Rosen
February 19 To Be Announced
February 26

Ziyi Cheng - Reading of her new play

March 4 Bianca Legarda De Thompson Film Auditions
March 11 To Be Announced
March 25 Kallan Dana - casting BOY GETS GIRL
April 1 To Be Announced
April 8 Mira Klein - New Play Reading
April 15 Mira Klein - New Play Reading
April 22 Kallan Dana - Play Reading
April 29 Sarah Rabinowitz Project


Reservations for Mainstage and Black Box Productions

Contact the Skidmore Theater Box Office at 518-580-5439 or email us at
Group rates are available for 10 or more
For group sales contact Kathy Mendenhall, 518-580-5430

Tickets for the SEMINAR productions in either theater are (unless otherwise noted):
$12 for General Admission
$8 for Students/Skidmore Community Members/Senior Citizens

There is no charge for Student Directed Studio Projects. Student phone numbers for making reservations for these events will be available in the Theater Office at 518-580-5430


Directions to Skidmore and the Janet Kinghorn Bernhard Theater are available on the Skidmore College Maps & Directions Page.

Parking is available in the two parking lots which are accessible immediately after turning either left or right from the Broadway entrance to the campus. The JKB Theater is located behind the Zankel Music Building and to the south of Filene (walk through the Zankel Building lobby to the JKB Theater).

Drop-off and handicapped parking is available by turning left after entering the main entrance to the campus from North Broadway - drive past the fourth Zankel Building parking lot entrance and make the next right.