Every Skidmore student is assigned to a faculty advisor/mentor. This faculty member is your instructor for you First Year Seminar and is available for consultation on all academic matters. The advisor maintains a copy of the advisee's records and is apprised of the performance of advisees in all course work. A student may choose to regularly seek guidance from an academic advisor on course selection and the fulfillment of college and major requirements. At the very least, students are required to meet with the faculty advisor before registration is permitted. The permission of the advisor is also required for a number of other things, such as late withdrawal from a course.

After the first year, students who plan to major in Theater may request a change of advisors. It is often beneficial to have an advisor in the chosen major for a variety of reasons. This is done by first talking with an appropriate theater faculty member and then requesting a change of advisor through the Office of Academic Advising in the Dean of Studies Office.

Students should also be aware of the services offered through the Office of Academic Advising. This office is located in Starbuck. Academic Advising administers all scholarships, learning disabilities, and academic honors. The office is an additional source of academic advice beyond the assigned faculty advisor.

All Department of Theater faculty are available for advice. Students are urged to talk regularly to academic advisors and other faculty members.