Theater Production

The Skidmore Theater Company, TH 235 and TH 335

The Skidmore Theater Company is the production arm of the Skidmore College Department of theater. All faculty members, students, and guest artists involved in the making of theater in any given semester are members of the Skidmore Theater Company.

The Theater Company also affords the opportunity for students to receive academic credit for experiential work on productions. First year students, sophomores, and juniors may register for TH 235 for one semester hour and seniors who have already taken TH 235 may take TH 335 for two semester hours. Both courses are open to both majors and non-majors. TH 235 may be repeated for a maximum of six semester hours and TH 335 may be repeated once for a maximum of four semester hours.

Students enrolled in the course meet every Friday afternoon for a scheduled Company Meeting. Meetings cover many activities including: announcements; conceptual presentations by directors and designers of upcoming productions; critiques of all productions; staged readings; open discussions about department plans and policies; and, when possible, workshops. Workshops may cover a wide range of subjects such as make-up, stage combat, auditions, presentations by guest artists, etc.

Each student enrolled in the course is required to work in some capacity on both the seminar production and the studio production. Seniors taking TH 335 will be expected to be doing work at an advanced level on at least one production.


Production Seminar, TH 250a and TH 250b

Production Seminar (TH 250a) is an opportunity to combined the intellectual and practical aspects of theater production as fully as possible.

Each students enrolled in TH 250a has a production responsibility on the Skidmore theater seminar production for that semester. In addition to fulfilling specific production responsibilities, all students participate in a weekly seminar class through which the production work is synthesized with the liberal arts. These seminars deal with the study of pertinent theatrical, literary, philosophical, social, political, and economic aspects of the play and its themes.

Registration for this class is dependent upon being cast in the production or being assigned a production position. Registration, therefore, is only by permission of the instructor and must be done after auditions during the "drop/add" period at the very beginning of each semester. Students seeking involvement in this three semester hour course should be prepared to take an alternate course should they not be cast or assigned a production responsibility. This might best be achieved by registering for a full load and then dropping a course during the drop/add period should involvement in the seminar production be possible.

Students acting in or designing for a faculty directed studio (Black Box) production may receive academic credit by registering for TH 250b. In addition to possible classes held during the five week rehearsal period, the class will meet after the close of the production to deal with the study of pertinent theatrical, literary, philosophical, social, political, and economic aspects of the play and its themes.

  • May be taken for 1, 2, 3 or 4 credits in any given semester
  • May be taken for a maximum of 6 credits during a student's career
  • Enrollment is predicated on the fact that a student has been cast in a production or has been assigned a significant staff position
  • The choice of credits will be determined by both the student and the faculty member leading the seminar class and will reflect the anticipated time committment as well as the student's course load

Senior Project

Senior Project (TH376) is a required course for all majors who seek departmental honors. The prerequisites for the course are TH 250 and senior class status as a theater major. Theater minors may participate with permission of the instructor. The course is three semester hours and, with the permission of the department, may be taken during each semester of the senior year.

This course is to be considered a capstone experience for theater students.Typically, each student fulfills a challenging production experience and will take a leadership role in the seminar class. Acting roles will be cast from the general auditions held at the beginning of each semester. Other production responsibilities will be distributed based upon the student's past work in the program. In addition to acting, appropriate positions might include: designer (sets/lights/costumes), assistant designer, assistant director, stage manager, general manager, dramaturg, master carpenter, technical director, master electrician, or prop master.

Although nearly all students are encouraged to fulfill this course by participating in a seminar production, special arrangements are sometimes made for individual students working on independent projects. Any requests for an independent senior project must be proposed to and approved by the department during the previous semester. Independent projects might include either other production work or research or design projects.

Student Directed Spring Black Box Production
(either TH 375 Advanced Directing Practicum, or TH376 Senior Project)

The following PDF files pertain to the application process for a student directed Black Box production:

Guidelines for Student Directed Black Box Productions

Proposal Form for Student Directed Black Box Productions