Gautam Dasgupta

M.F.A., University of Connecticut

Courses taught:
Theater and Culture I & II
Special Studies in Theater History & Theory
The American Theater: Critical Issues
The Director as Collaborative Artist

Gautam Dasgupta, professor and chair, Department of Theater, spent the 1998-99 academic year as one of the inaugural Berlin Prize Fellows at the American Academy in Berlin located at the Hans Arnhold Villa on the Wannsee in the company of, among others, Arthur Miller, Edward O. Wilson, C.K. Williams, Robert Kotlowitz, Ward Just, Rowland Evans, Charles Maier, Donald W. Shriver, Anthony Grafton, Robert Wilson, Volker Schlöndorff, Henry Kissinger, and Richard C. Holbrooke. While at the Academy, he delivered a talk entitled "The Bicameral Mind: Writing Heiner Müller's Life" to a select Berlin audience. During his year-long residency, Dasgupta lectured at various academies and institutions in Berlin as well as in Poland, the Czech Republic, Denmark, Italy, France, and Spain. Towards the end of September 1999 he also participated in a symposium on "Cross Gender/Cross Genre: Glamorous Issues in Theatre, Theory, Rock Music and Performance Art in the Late '60s and Early '70s (New York, London, Germany)" in Graz, Austria, to coincide with the opening of the Steirischer Herbst Festival of contemporary art and culture.

Dasgupta's recent publications include various essays and articles in the German press, including Der Tagesspiegel (Berlin), Berliner Morgenpost, Theater der Zeit, Theater der Welt, and Di: Rampel. He was interviewed extensively on German radio and television, including Deutsche Welle and Radio Kultur, as well as in German national press. He was the sole subject of a TV film make by the well-known German Director Alexander Kluge in which Heiner Müller's life and times and artistry were discussed, and which aired over several TV stations in Europe in February. Dasgupta has also contributed a chapter on "Theatre and Art Criticism Today" for an Italian book on art and culture to be published later this year. His recent book, Conversations on Art and Performance, co-edited with Bonnie Marranca, was issued earlier this year by The Johns Hopkins University Press/PAJ Publications.