In the Skidmore Theater we work hard to develop and maintain a professional approach to our production work. In order to maintain a creative, safe and professional environment in all rehearsals and performances, actors are expected to abide by the following responsibilities (based upon Actors' Equity guidelines):

  1. Be on time for your call. Performance calls are no later than half-hour and may be set earlier by the stage manager. Sign in on the call-sheet provided by the stage management.
  2. Notify your Stage Manager as soon as possible if you are ill or unable to reach the theater on time for any rehearsal or performance call.
  3. Be on time and ready for all rehearsals. This means arriving ten to fifteen minutes before your call whenever possible. If there is no scheduled company warm-up for a given rehearsal or performance, actors must arrive early enough to be fully warmed-up BY THE TIME OF THE CALL.
  4. Remember that even though places for each act will be called, YOU ALONE are responsible for all of your entrance cues.
  5. Observe all rules and suggestions given by the management, running crews and technical staff with regard to the safe and efficient operation of the production.
  6. Cooperate with all Stage Managers, Dance Captains, Fight Captains, Musical Directors and Warm-up Coaches. This means being on time and ready for all pre-show preparations.
  7. Take proper care of your costumes and props:
    • Do not eat or drink anything while in costume (except water in a closed container) unless you have received the designer and/or wardrobe staff s approval.
    • Hang up all costumes on the racks provided.
    • Return all props to their designated pre-set positions.
    • Keep the Green Room and dressing room clean.
  8. Maintain your performance as directed.
  9. Make no unauthorized changes in costume, make-up or prop and set pieces.
  10. Appear at curtain calls in complete costume and make-up.

All Actors will also be asked to be aware of and observe the following additional guidelines:

  1. Each actor will be expected to provide her/his own basic make-up. Make-up kits can be ordered throught the costume designer. Materials for unusual make-up will be provided by the department.
  2. Actors will be informed of costume fitting times by the Stage Manager. Remember all appointments and be on time.
  3. Actors are required to be off book (have lines memorized) by the deadline specified by the direcor.
  4. Actors may be required to participate in pre-opening publicity photo-calls. Actors may also be asked to participate in a production photo call during the run. These calls will last no more than one hour.
  5. If a Dress Parade is scheduled actors will be expected to attend as needed.
  6. Technical Rehearsals generally begin on the last Sunday of the rehearsal period before opening night. These are generally scheduled from 12:00 noon to 5:00pm and from 7:00pm to 12:00 midnight. Actors must attend all technical rehearsals. This means being on time and available for any assignment that the production staff requires.
  7. Performers should always avoid excessive backstage noise, especially in the Green Room and adjacent hallways. When two productions are in rehearsal or performance at the same time, actors must be conscious of the other productions needs.
  8. Report any damaged costumes, props or scenery to the stage manager.
  9. Every actor must participate in the entire production strike that is held directly after the final performance (usually a Sunday matinee). Follow all directives issued by the strike supervisors and must remain at the strike until dismissed by the Technical Director.