Assistant Stage Manager

Responsibilities include assisting the stage manager and director with all aspects of the planning, coordination, and running of meetings, rehearsals and performances.

Some specific requirements of an assistant stage manager may include:

  1. Attend all rehearsals as needed by the Stage Manager
  2. Assist with the collection, organization and running of rehearsal props and costume pieces
  3. Keep the stage clean
  4. Set the stage for rehearsals
  5. Follow the "book" and prompt
  6. Take line notes
  7. Run lines with actors when asked
  8. Stand in for missing actors
  9. Prepare the rehearsal stage for work each day (sweep, mop, set furniture, etc.)
  10. Run errands for the director and stage manager
  11. Assist the SM in running the show (SL or SR responsibilities, cueing actors, giving calls, setting props, handling emergencies, etc.)
  12. Participate in strike