The director is ultimately responsible for all artistic decisions in regards to a production. He or she will often be the one to select the production.

The director is responsible for meeting with the various designers, conveying his or her vision of the play to them, and then collaborating with them as the overall design of the play evolves.

The director is also responsible for:

  • Working with the Management Coordinator to insure that the rights to the play have been obtained
  • Casting the play
  • Establishing a workable rehearsal schedule which is reasonable for students' time
  • Reserving the rehearsal space
  • Developing a unified acting ensemble
  • Working with the management department on poster and program
  • Blocking the play
  • Conducting all rehearsals
  • Working together with the designers, staff and technical director during technical and dress rehearsals to insure a smooth a transition
  • Give notes to the cast and crew throughout the run of the play
  • Upholding the Skidmore Theater guidelines