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This checklist offers a very simplified set of reminders about a complex and exciting process that involves students in the advancement of knowledge through research.  The most basic reminder is to document every source that has had any significant influence on the work you present to your professor for review.  Further, whenever you are in doubt about academic expectations or documentation processes, ask your professor before you submit the work. 

For detailed help on documentation protocols, you can consult The Skidmore Guide to Writing (or pages 43-90 of the print edition), other published guides, and staff in the Writing Center (Ladd Hall, 320-321).

In composing this paper I have done the following:

Checked carefully any written or verbal instructions my professor provided for this paper/assignment, including finding out the required citation format (MLA, APA, Chicago, etc.).

Kept careful notes regarding all of my sources of information and ideas, including accurate bibliographic information on each source.

Put quotation marks around every word, phrase, or larger section of prose that is quoted from a published source (whether print or electronic), and including unpublished lectures, media presentations, and peer collaboration.  I have also provided an accurate citation of the source, both in the footnotes or endnotes and in the bibliography.

Paraphrased sources entirely in my own words and provided a citation for each paraphrase.

Employed a clear and consistent method of documenting all of my sources (print, oral, electronic, web-based) and used the footnote or endnote style appropriate to the discipline of the course (for example, MLA or APA style).

Provided accurate citation for sources of reproduced data summaries, tables, graphs, and illustrations.

Provided a full bibliography of my sources, according to the documentation style required for the discipline in question.

Checked once again to be sure that the difference between my own contributions to the paper and the contributions of others is unmistakably clear.


Dean of Studies Office, February 2004

Skidmore College

Writing Center

Scribner Library