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Ten Steps to Help Students Write Successful Papers

Determine your objectives and goals for giving the assignment and for asking these particular questions.

Consider what your students will need to know to do well on the assignment. 

Decide what you must teach now to assure your students a fair chance to do well on the assignment.

Prepare a full written description of the assignment.

Determine what your standards of evaluation on the assignment will be and share them with your students.

Explain the assignment fully to your students.

Allow ample time for student questions and be ready to point out pitfalls and difficulties they will encounter as they work on the assignment.

Make special note of where the students have or have not succeeded in reaching the objectives of the assignment when evaluating and commenting on papers.

Discuss the assignment with students when you return the papers to them.

Ask students to revise.

adapted from the work of Richard Larson (1967)



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