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Writing-Intensive Courses at Skidmore


In addition to EN 105 Writing Seminar II classes and EN 105H Writing Seminar II Honors courses, the courses listed below fulfill the expository writing requirement.

Course Name Number Instructor
Honors: Introduction to Cultural Anthropology AN 101W M. Ennis-McMillan
Introduction to Literary Studies EN 110 The Department
Writing About History HI 107 The Department
The New American Republic HI 323W C. McCoy
Communication and Media Studies ID 220.001 J. Devine
Calculus I MA 111W U. Bray
Calculus II MA 113W U. Bray
The French Revolution LS 2.171 R. Janes
The Victorian Illustrated Book LS 2.101H C. Golden
The Politics of Reading Non-Western Literature LS 2.153 R. Parthasarathy


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