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Scribner Village as we know it today. Demolition began in the summer of 2012. Students pose for a photo outside Scribner in 1979.Scribner Village 1981: population 296. Scribner Village 1980 On the way to class in 1995.The demolition and replacement will take place in three phases. Scribner Village 2011. Phase 3: the demolition of Scribner and construction of seven new apartment buildings on the site. The new Hillside apartments opened in fall of 2012. Inside the new Hillside apartments. The final project, to be ready for occupancy in late 2013.Ross C submitted by Rachel Goldberg '07.Ross C submitted by Rachel Goldberg '07.Fain A submitted by C. Jerome Mopsik '06. Ross C submitted by Rachel Goldberg '07.Making cookies in Scribner. Submitted by Allison Feigen '07.Alison Pruchansky '02 with Rachel  Rodek and Kate Nedelman in Fain A.A hawk on the roof of Macrury, fall 2010. Submitted by Gabe Weintraub '12.Geraldine Osnato '99 and her father on graduation day in front of Beech C.Kerry Elizabeth Shea Kearney '12 on her way to build a snowman outside of Fain C. The day after Commencement 1994...with Kirstin O'Rielly Drabek, Holly Stockdale, Laura Finkelson and Marianne Cook front of Ross C!Andrew Glaze '00 and friends outside Beech.Fain in a snowstorm. Submitted by Doug Morin '07.Frances Gubler '10 making cookies in Fain."Bridgeman A Chain Gang" with Sarah Berheide Lamphier, Lauren Marder Prentiss, Abby Kunhardt, Cheryl Jacobs, and Lisa Kranz, 2004.Valentine's Day Blizzard of "07. From the upstairs window of Fain C! Submitted by Nick Collins-Feay '08.Some of the house members from Pine D in September 1979. Submitted by Robert Ford '83.Kate Nedelman reading on the porch of Fain. Submitted by Alison Pruchansky '02.Todd Lady, Class of '97 takes a break from studying at Birch C on a snowy evening during the Winter '95 to ski the hills of Scribner. Submitted by Rebecca Isreal Lady '98.Senior residents of Hickory A take a group photo. Submitted by Mikayala Nemes '06.Dogwood C roommates, Karen Granados and Michelle Reyes '11, celebrating the grand opening of the Saratoga Springs Chipotle 4/23/09! Submitted by Alysia Hildebrandt '10.A giant reverse icicle that grew outside Poplar during the winter of '08-'09. Submitted by Ellizabeth DeBold '09. The residents of Dogwood C before Junior Ring 2008! Zoë Coppola, Alicia Wells, Dawn Harfmann, Victoria Lowe. Submitted by Alysia Hildebrandt '10.Amanda Izenson and Emma Greene '09 during an Easter egg hunt we had in Scribner in 2008. Submitted by Elizabeth DeBold '09.Reunited with Dogwood A. Submitted by Jennifer Camarata '06.That time when my Pop D housemate Erin opened the oven drawer to get a baking sheet and out popped a squirrel!!! Submitted by Lilly-Anne Merat '11. The magnetic futon of Pop D! Remember that time I broiled the brownies, but we peeled off the top and ate them anyway :) Submitted by Jenny Snow '11.Valentine's Day 2007- at least 3 feet of snow and we got locked in to Poplar D! We celebrated with chocolate cake and good friends, and making lots of snow angels. Submitted by Sarah Ely '09.Awesome 80's! The ladies of Poplar D always knew how to play dress-up. Here are a couple of our gorgeous models. Submitted by Sarah Ely '09.Dressed for the Sumac (A) 54 Party, 1978/1979. Submitted by Lori Gedon '79. Sleepover in Sumac B 2006! Submitted by Molly Lemire '07.Mother/Daughter Weekend, Sumac A (Scribner Village), 1978. Submitted by Lori Gedon '79.Sumac A (Scribner Village) Toga Party 1978. Submitted by Lori Gedon '79.Hickory D 1979 Senior Year! Submitted by Debroah Monosson '79.Celebrating my 21st birthday in Dogwood C, 2009! With roommates Kyle Bogaert '10, Michelle Reyes, Mairead Carr, and Karen Granados. Submitted by Alysia Hildebrandt  '10.Dish soap is not a substitute for dishwasher detergent. Big mistake. Spruce A. Submitted by Craig Hyland '05.We put our heads together in Reeves C. ? with Jacquelyn Paige Liebig, Megan Lauren, Marlee Colligan, Sarah D. Groves, Kellye Caufield and Alexandra Besso. Submitted by Meredith Muzik '09.Happy Halloween from Reeves C! Fall 2007, Class of 2009! ? with Amanda Roth, Alexandra Besso, Megan Lauren, Kellye Caufield, Lauu Ra, Marlee Colligan, Meredith Muzik and Frank Carillo. Submitted by Jacquelyn Liebig '09. Merry Christmas from Reeves C! Fall 2007, class of '09. Submitted by Sarah Groves '09. Macrury B in all its glory. Submitted by John Sheflin '11.Simon Fennell '98 as Jerry Garcia visits Reeves B. Submitted by Joe Jolly '98.  Jeremy Patuto '98 with Charlotte the cat. Submitted by Joe Jolly '98. Ross (Horse) D all filled up with stumps after the epic 2006 storm that blew down half the trees in Saratoga and forced Hannaford to give the meat away nearly for free. Submitted by Jesse Mitchell Lindsey '07.It snowing and the the power just went out. We could join the massive snowball fight happening on the green OR build a giant snow caterpillar outside our Ross A door. As you can see, we chose the latter. Winter 2008. Submitted by Jessica Reynolds '09.Celebrating Halloween Thanksgiving at Ross A. October 31, 2007. Submitted by Jessica Reynolds '09. Making a dhall cookie recipe over the summer of 2007 in Oak with Carol Simonson, Alicea Cock-Esteb, and Andy Bockus - looking for anything that we could find to put batter in! We didn't scale the recipe down enough. Submitted by Sabrina Kliman '09. Ross A sitting down to a family dinner in 2008 with Jessica Reynolds, Chelsie Cushman, Don Webster, Kate Zappia, and Sabrina Kliman. Submitted by Sabrina Kliman '09.Macrury B in the fall of 2006. Submitted by Amanda Peterson '09.Photo of the old crew after one of our many Sunday rousing badminton games. gotta say, I kind of miss ross A...even if it did smell weird. Submitted by Michael Letko '11.Some people who dearly miss good old Ross (Horse) D...Submitted by Miguel Williams '07.This photo of Sarah Anderson (Class of 1999) always reminds me of good times at Skidmore! Submitted by Kathryn Zandbergen '00.One time the pipe under the sink in Dogwood C disintegrated completely while trying to unclog the drain. Submitted by Faith Towers '05.Ross C. No-shave November pre shave party. Submitted by Steve Vasquez '11.