Alumni Travel Program

CelticCeltic Lands

August 22 to September 2, 2009 

Immerse yourself in four millennia of Celtic history on this remarkable 12-day voyage aboard the deluxe, exclusively chartered m.s. Le Diamant from the vibrant Irish capital of Dublin to the historic Norman port of Honfleur. Cruise around the misty, legend-haunted islands of Scotland and along the verdant coasts of southern England and northern France. Experience the stark beauty of Scotland's Hebrides; admire the elegant architecture of Edinburgh; observe the enduring Celtic heritage of Northern Ireland and Wales; and revel in the historical charms of the Cornish port of Penzance. In Normandy, France, admire the soaring grace of Mont-St-Michel and stroll along the historic beaches where Allied forces landed on D-Day. We also invite you to enhance your travel experience with an exclusive Pre-Program Option in Dublin and/or a Post-Program Option in Paris, the romantic "City of Light."