Alumni Travel Program

ChinaMandarin China

May 12 to 24, 2008  

Discover the many faces of China on this comprehensive 11-night journey of exploration to a land whose stunning beauty forms the backdrop to a 5,000-year-old society steeped in legend and tradition. From the imperial dignity of Mandarin Beijing's Forbidden City and the legendary Great Wall to the dynastic treasures of the ancient capital of Xi'an and the historic neighborhoods of Old Shanghai, you will gain a unique perspective on a timeless land where the past continues to affect the present and the future. A high point of your journey is the three-night cruise through the breathtaking Yangtze River Gorges, aboard the deluxe m.s.Victoria Katarina, one of the finest ships cruising the Yangtze. Look up from the river and gaze at soaring cliffs thousands of feet high, and tour the massive Three Gorges Dam, which is transforming China 's landscape and the fabric of its society. To complement your China sojourn, we are pleased to offer a special Post-Program Option, featuring Guilin , a traditional Ming Dynasty city surrounded by the ethereal beauty of limestone mountains, and Hong Kong, the bustling commercial center of East Asia.