Alumni Travel Program


Voyage of Discovery

Wonders of the Galapagos Islands, Ecuador

January 22-30, 2010
From approximately $3195 plus air

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crabExplore a region unmatched in its beauty and its importance in natural history when you join this journey of a lifetime to the legendary Galápagos Islands aboard the state-of-the-art exploration vessel m.v. Santa Cruz . Formed by volcanic eruptions millions of years ago, the Galápagos Islands are overflowing with life, including species not found anywhere else in the world, like the flightless cormorant and the marine iguana. With virtually no natural predators on the islands, the abundant wildlife is fearless and accepts human company up-close like nowhere else on earth. Walk among 400-pound tortoises, nearly touch spiny-backed iguanas and snorkel in crystal clear waters alongside sea lions and tropical penguins. 

TortoiseThroughout this journey, discover the priceless natural treasures of the Galápagos in the company of our team of expert naturalists, whose knowledge and enthusiasm will enhance your appreciation of this fascinating and mysterious natural realm. This unique itinerary also includes time in Ecuador, featuring visits to the colorful Andean market of Otavalo, colonial Quito and a traditional Inca village. We are also pleased to offer a six-night Post-Program Option to Peru's legendary "lost city," Machu Picchu, and the historic cities of Lima and Cuzco.