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Skidmore Volunteer and Faculty Webinar Archives

Skidmore offers a variety of informational, educational, and volunteer training webinars for our alumni, parents, and friends. Please click below on any of the topic links to view recording of our past webinar offerings. Please note, if you have not already signed up to participate in the webinar you are trying to view you will be asked to "register" to view the webinar archive.

Volunteer Insider Webinars  Topical webinars presented by Skidmore staff members on key initiatives.

Faculty Webinars  Academic faculty lectures presented by Skidmore faculty members.

Training Webinars  Volunteer training webinars for fundraising, class, regional, and reunion volunteers.


Volunteer Insider Webinars

The Office of Advancement is pleased to provide our volunteers with a series of Skidmore Volunteer Webinars. The webinars are designed with volunteers in mind and we hope they will give you insight into the important initiatives being undertaken on campus. We’ll be making all of our webinars available as archives, so if you can’t attend a live session, check this web page for links to past presentations.

Date Topic Speaker(s)
5/23/13 Summer at Skidmore Paul Calhoun, Dean of Special Programs
Summary: Join Dean of Special Programs Paul Calhoun to learn about the mission, values, and activities of the Office of the Dean of Special Programs (ODSP). He will describe briefly each of the scholar/artist residencies, community programs, outside conferences, and arts institutes for which the ODSP is responsible.  He will also describe their responsibilities for oversight of the Zankel Music Center outside of the academic year, for the College Event Scheduling and Management System, and for housing the many groups of students who are here over the summer.  Finally, he will address future summer activities that Skidmore is planning and looking for. 
4/26/13 Trends for Teaching in Higher Education Beau Breslin, Dean of the Faculty and Vice President for Academic Affairs
Summary: So much of the buzz about higher education, and in particular liberal education, points to its demise. "College is too expensive," some say. "It does not produce graduates who are adequately skilled for the twenty-first century workforce. It's not worth the investment."  In some sense that buzz has dominated the recent conversation; but is it accurate? As we think about the challenges facing Skidmore and, indeed all residential liberal arts colleges, we need to think differently about the ways in which we educate students, hire faculty and staff, integrate curricular and co-curricular experiences, and so on. In this webinar, we will explore several trends in higher education and the ways in which Skidmore is responding to them.
4/4/13 Resonance Survey: Reactions & Implications Michael Casey, The Collyer Vice President for Advancement
Summary: In 2012, acknowledging a need to do more to engage our alumni community in the life of the College, Skidmore undertook an extensive market research project in partnership with Resonance Insights. Resonance specializes in surveys that uncover unspoken emotions and motivations. In this case, the survey itself provoked very strong reactions (both positive and negative) while yielding valuable insights into what our alumni need and desire from their relationship with the College. Michael Casey, The Collyer Vice President for Advancement, will discuss these findings and the ways in which we have shifted our programming as a result.
6/21/12 Admissions at Skidmore
(no archive available)
Mary Lou Bates, Dean of Admissions and Financial Aid
Summary: Dean of Admissions and Financial Aid, Mary Lou Bates, will lead a discussion about the Admissions Landscape in 2012 and the challenges Skidmore and other selective, high cost liberal arts colleges face.  She will share information about the incoming Class of 2016 and talk about some of the challenges, including changing demographics, cost vs perceived value and the economic climate.
4/22/12 Skidmore's Financial Picture
(no archive available)
Michael D. West, Vice President for Finance & Administration and Treasurer
Summary: In economic times that remain challenging, Michael will talk about how the College is balancing increasing demands for financial aid with the need to continue to attract and retain the best students, faculty and staff.  Michael will also provide an update on both recently completed and ongoing construction projects. He will also give you an inside look at the factors that drive our financial decisions, which have an impact on the quality of the Skidmore experience for our students.
3/22/12 Career Transitions & Transformations Dean of Student Affairs Rochelle Calhoun and Director of the Career Development Center Deborah Loffredo
Summary: Join Dean of Student Affairs W. Rochelle Calhoun and Director of the Career Development Center Deborah Loffredo for a presentation on the College's current Transitions and Transformations initiative, which will provide students with opportunities during their undergraduate careers that will prepare them for life after Skidmore.  Rochelle and Deb will give a select group of Skidmore volunteers insight into their plans for the relaunch of the Career Development Center and other ways they are working with students to enhance their post-college transition.


Faculty Webinars

The Office of Advancement is pleased to provide our alumni with a series of Skidmore Faculty Webinars. The webinars are designed to bring the excellence of Skidmore faculty to alumni across the country, and around the world. We’ll be making all of our webinars available as archives, so if you can’t attend a live session, check this web page for links to past presentations.

2/5/14             Winter Olympics: Prelude to Sochi Jeff Segrave, Professor of Health and Exercise Sciences

Summary: Join Jeff Segrave, Professor of Health & Exercise Science, to learn about the history, background, and issues surrounding the Olympic Winter Games as the world prepares for Sochi. A noted sports historian and Olympics expert, Professor Segrave will describe the differences – beyond the sports – of the winter and summer games. He will also identify several themes that characterize the opening ceremonies and highlight some things to watch for in the Sochi Opening Ceremony.

5/1/13 5/01 Challenge Faculty Webinar: The Writing Life  April Bernard, Director of Creative Writing and Students
Summary: In a conversation with two poetry students, Director of Creative Writing April Bernard will read from her work, answer their questions, and talk to them about their own experiences in writing workshops at Skidmore College.
 5/1/13  5/01 Challenge Faculty Webinar: The Development of Self  Sheldon Solomon, Professor of Psychology
 Summary: The talk is about biological, sociological, and psychological factors that contribute to the development of the self.  
10/3/12 Rich, Free, and Miserable: The Failure of Success in America
(no archive available)
John Brueggemann, Professor of Sociology and Quadracci Professor in Social Responsiblility
Summary: Professor John Brueggemann will discuss his book, Rich, Free, and Miserable: The Failure of Success in America. The American economy has been wildly productive for many years, sustaining its main function, while at the same time creating pressures that undermine the coherence of our families and communities. During the recent meltdown, the economy has not even fulfilled its primary function and the recession has obscured the older, more fundamental problems in our culture. Growing pressures Americans feel to work, compete, and consume have undermined our engagement in meaningful relationships and resulted in a widespread moral crisis. Brueggemann will draw from new research, which focuses on the production and consumption of food, in thinking about how we might respond intelligently to this situation.  
7/24/12 The Olympic Games Opening Ceremonies
(no archive available)
Jeff Segrave, Professor of Health and Exercise Sciences, and David H. Porter Endowed Chair
Summary: A noted sports historian and Olympics expert, Professor Segrave will deconstruct the opening ceremonies and show how they serve as a massive global ritual that encodes a powerful ideology. In his lecture, he will Introduce and give a brief history of the elements of the opening ceremony (flag, torch relay, rings, etc.). He will also identify several themes that characterize the opening ceremonies: the ceremonies as global ritual, as the embodiment of the internationalist aspirations of Olympism, as the embodiment of a fundamental Olympic paradox (internationalist aspirations vs. nationalist realities), and as religion.


Training Webinars

The Office of Advancement is pleased to provide our volunteers with a series of training. The webinars are designed to enhance your volunteer experience and serve as a resource for our volunteers. Webinars are offered by both the Office of Alumni Affairs and the Annual Fund.


Date Topic Speaker(s)
12:00 pm EST
Online Tool Training Alyssa Sinclair & Jen Canstellani,
Associate Directors of the Skidmore Annual Fund

In this webinar, you will learn how to access and use the online fundraising tool to assist you in your outreach and to make communication with the annual fund convenient and easy. To follow along with the webinar and practice using the tool, please log into the online tool ( If you have never logged into SkidmoreConnect, please call 1-800-584-0115 to obtain your temporary login information.

12:15 pm EST

Navigating the Volunteer Resource Center Megan Mercier, Associate Director of Alumni Affairs & College Events
Mary Monigan, Advancement Editorial Associate

Join members of the Alumni Affairs & College Events staff for a brief tutorial on the newly revamped Volunteer Opportunity and Resource Center, located on the Alumni Web site.  The VORC offers a host of informative features, including multimedia training materials and other tools to help volunteers do their jobs effectively. We'll walk you through the new site navigation and highlight some key areas of interest.