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American Studies


Fall 2007 Courses

AM 101: Introduction to American Culture: Pre-Civil War
MWF, 9:05-10:00 and 4th cr. hr. TBA, Gregory M. Pfitzer

AM 230: Born in America
WF, 10:10-11:30, Mary C. Lynn

AM 234: American Sports/American Culture
TuTh, 9:40-11:00, Daniel A. Nathan

AM 260: American Bestsellers & Pop Culture
MW, 2:30-3:50, Janet Casey

AM 260J: Diversity in the United States
TuTh, 12:40-2:00, Joshua C. Woodfork

AM 332: Global Perspectives of the U.S.
TuTh, 3:40-5, Daniel A. Nathan

AM 362: American Autobiography
WF, 12:20-1:40, Daniel A. Nathan

AM 374: Senior Seminar
MW, 4:00-5:30, LIB 213, Gregory M. Pfitzer

AM 376D: Religion in American Culture
TuTh, 2:10-3:30, Mary C. Lynn

Scribner Seminar 100-005, Blacks in Film
TuTh, 3:40-5:30, Joshua C. Woodfork

Internships: AM 299A, AM 399 (3 or 6)

Independent Studies: AM 371