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AR 133 - Drawing - 4

An expanded study of principles introduced in AR131. This course builds on basic drawing experiences, refining skills in observation, organization, interpretation, and critical analysis. Studio work introduces a range of traditional drawing tools and materials while exploring a variety of approaches to image making and visual expression.

Prerequisite: AR 131. Fulfills arts requirement. Lab fee: $25

AR 223- Intermediate Drawing - 4

A further investigation of the formal and expressive characteristics of drawing, with a focus on drawing as visual communicative act. Structured assignments provide a context for focused exploration of materials and processes and development of individual vision. Readings and discussions will complement studio work.

Prerequisite: AR 133. Lab fee: $25

AR 224 - Figure Drawing - 4

An extensive investigation of drawing from the life model. Guided exercises refine observation skills by building understanding of anatomical and spacial relationships, as well as providing a context for exploration of interpretive and expressive aspects of figure drawing. Assignments encourage exploration of compositional relationships, drawing media, and conceptual ideas.

Prerequisite: AR 133. Lab fee: $25

AR 326 - Advanced Drawing - 4

A further investigation of drawing as a visual communicative act. The development of images through individual exploration of form, structure, and space with emphasis being placed upon the growth of personal vision and skill.

Prerequisite: AR 223 or 224. May be taken for credit three times with permission of instructor. Lab fee: $25