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Fiber Arts

AR 214  Introduction to Fiber Arts   4
An introduction to the fiber arts. Projects will allow students to explore off-loom woven structure, loom weaving, resist-dyeing and screen-printing. Students will work with flat pattern and composition as well as three-dimensional fiber construction. Historical works will be studied as well as the contemporary evolution of this art form.
Prerequisite: AR 131 or 133 or 134. Lab fee $75

AR 215  Textile Structures   4
Exploration of the sculptural properties of planes based on building single and multiple-element surfaces. Studies in fused and single-element structure (felting, netting, knotting, plaiting, hand and machine knitting) will be followed by the focus of the courseloom weaving (including the use of the computer-assisted loom). Students will construct three-dimensional structures based on individual expression. Readings in textile history and contemporary art issues, writing, and discussion will complement technical grounding in traditional textile processes. 
Prerequisite: AR 214 or permission of the instructor. Lab fee $75

AR 216  Textile Surface Design   4
Theoretical and practical textile surface design employing screen-printing, direct painting, and resist-dyeing techniques. Projects may take the form of flat pattern design, wall hangings or costume. Students will be introduced to the use of computers in designing selected projects.
Prerequisite: AR 214 or permission of instructor. Lab fee: $75

AR 315  Advanced Fiber Arts   4
A continued exploration and development of personal interpretations of traditional and nontraditional methods of textile design and fiber construction. Students may elect to concentrate in the area of weaving or textile design, or may develop skills in both areas concurrently. Advanced weaving will include multi-harness weave structure on jack-type, computer, and dobby looms. Advanced textile design will include printed resists, photo screen-printing, lacquer stencils, gouache rendering, and computer-aided design. It is strongly recommended that students intending to work in both areas complete both AR215 and 216 prior to electing this course. Personal initiative and creative self-expression are emphasized in this course.
Prerequisite: AR 215 or 216. May be taken for credit three times with permission of instructor. Lab fee: $75