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Studio Art Special Topic Classes

Spring 2017 (4 credits)

AR 264F  Water Based Media  M W 8:45–11:45
An exploration of water-based drawing and painting media with a focus on acrylic paint.  Using direct observation, experimentation, and invention, this course builds understanding of formal principles, color interaction and the physical qualities of materials. Assignments support development of a personal vision. Prerequisites: AR 133; Studio Fee: $25
J. Sorensen

AR 264I  CNC Processes and Sculpture  T R 2:10–5:10
The goal of the course is for students to become confident at using digital means to define and solve problems in three dimensions. Students develop technical skills related to metal processes and become increasingly more visually sophisticated as they create, observe, evaluate and then share the consequences of their efforts. CAD (Computer Aided Design) technology is used to create metal shapes that are cut out with a CNC plasma cutter, assembled, and then welded together. A basic working knowledge of software like Adobe Acrobat, Corel Draw, Sketchup or other CAD programs is helpful but not a requirement. Advanced students are encouraged to use Autodesk Inventor. Students are expected to have their own laptop. Prerequisites: AR 132 or AR 251 or permission of instructor. Studio Fee: $75
J. Cunningham

AR-264J 001  Interactive Design
  T R 9:30–12:30
An introduction to designing interactive pages and environments for the web. Emphasis is placed on visual and information design through theories of color, principles of design and the study of typography. A variety of tools and techniques will be explored including photo editing, writing code for the web and animation through basic scripting languages. Studio projects will explore issues of audience participation, experience design, motion and interface. Prerequisite: AR-131 or AR-133 or AR-134 or AR-136. Studio Fee: $105 
S. Sweeney

AR-351H 001  Advanced Printmaking  M W 9–noon
Further investigation of formal, expressive, and technical aspects of printmaking. This course emphasizes individual exploration of structured assignments, leading toward self-directed studio practice. Readings and discussions complement studio practice. Emphasis is placed upon more individual exploration of assigned formal problems in the studio. Prerequisite: AR 228 or AR 341 or AR 264H or AR 350. Open to juniors and seniors only. Studio Fee $75
K. Leavitt

AR 351J 001  Advanced Digital Media  T R 1:25–4:25
A continued investigation and further development of the practice of making art using digital media. Students may choose to pursue advanced projects in either interactive design or motion graphics. Emphasis will be placed on developing an individual studio practice through studio work, critical and art historical readings and writing. Prerequisites: AR 136 or AR 264J or AR 351J or AR 355 or AR 356 or permission of instructor; Studio Fee $105
S. Sweeney