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Art Department

Fall 2017 (4 credits)

AR 251D 001 Wearable Art
  (Sangwook Lee)   M W 2:30 – 5:30

This course is designed to introduce a variety of sewing skills and projects that will spark interest and help students learn about wearable art.  Experimentation with fiber arts techniques includes dying, embellishment, sewing and structure within a contemporary art context.  The students will have an opportunity to explore and develop their unique approach to creativity by developing and producing wearing art.   Prerequisites: AR 214. Studio Fee: $105

AR 264E 001 Enameling (Andrea Peterson)  T R  2:10 – 5:10

This course introduces students to enameling as a means of embellishing small works in metal (e.g. jewelry).  Students will explore a variety of traditional methods for fusing glass powders to copper and fine silver including sifting, painting, cloisonne, champleve, and, plique-a-jour. Assignments will direct students toward developing a personal aesthetic vision, while emphasizing the effective application of color theory and formal design principles.  Students will maintain a journal/sketchbook and conduct research to enhance their learning.  Students should be willing to commit a minimum of 8 hours per week to out-of-class work in this studio.  Critiques will provide a means for sharing ideas, challenging assumptions, and assessing “quality” in the work being undertaken.  A basic knowledge of jewelry fabrication methods and a willingness to work patiently, precisely, and responsibly are prerequisites for this course.  Prerequisite:  AR 219 or permission of instructor; Studio Fee:  $75

 AR-264H 001 Books and Prints (Kate Leavitt)  T R  1:25 – 4:25

An introduction to the traditions and methods of the handmade artists' book in a combination of the critical study of original works and bookmaking processes. The student will learn the expressive possibilities of sequential pictorial information combined with original text. Construction of various bindings, relief prints, and letterpress will be explored. Prerequisites: AR-133 or AR-228.  Studio Fee: $75

 AR 264I 001 CNCProcesses and Sculpture  (John Galt)  T R  9:30 - 12:30

The goal of the course is for students to become confident at using digital means to define and solve problems in three dimensions.  Students develop technical skills related to metal processes and become increasingly more visually sophisticated as they create, observe, evaluate and then share the consequences of their efforts.  CAD (Computer Aided Design) technology is used to create metal shapes that are cut out with a CNC plasma cutter, assembled, and then welded together.   A basic working knowledge of software like Adobe Acrobat, Corel Draw, Sketchup or other CAD programs is helpful but not a requirement.  Advanced students are encouraged to use Autodesk Inventor.  Students are expected to have their own laptopStudio Fee:  $75

AR 264J 001 Interactive Design
  (Sarah Sweeney)   M W 9:30 – 12:30

An introduction to designing interactive pages and environments for the web. Emphasis is placed on visual and information design through theories of color, principles of design and the study of typography.  A variety of tools and techniques will be explored including photo editing, writing code for the web and animation through basic scripting languages. Studio projects will explore issues of audience participation, experience design, motion and interface.  Prerequisites: AR 136 or AR 133. Studio Fee: $105

AR 264J 002 Video Art  (Charlie Samuels)   M W 12:20 – 3:20

An in-depth exploration of video and the moving image as a form of contemporary art practice. Students will learn the concepts and techniques employed in video and audio production and post-production as well as the history of video art and related forms from Fluxus to today.  Class time will be used for hands-on instruction, screenings, discussions, and critiques.  Throughout the semester students will create a series of short video experiments and a final video project.  Studio Fee: $105