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Fall 2014 Studio Art Special Topic Classes

AR 262J
Digital Media and Interactive Design

This course covers historical, political, theoretical, and practical issues in art and image making in relation to interactive arts.  Through studio work, you will be introduced to moving image in creative practice, that will evolve into interactive works.  Contextualizing new media practice with art historical agendas will be examined in order to dissect the mediums influence on meaning, and create work that directly participates with the potentials of the interface.
Prereq: Any of the following: AR 136, 209, 229, 355

AR 264A

Students will develop forms using a variety of processes:  hand building, wheel throwing, extruding, and mold making.  Firing processes will focus on kilns that encourage surface variation through the internal atmosphere inside the kiln.  Pit, raku, saggar and reduction firing will be covered.
Prereq: AR 111

AR 264F
Introduction to Water-Based Media

An exploration of water-based drawing and painting media, with a focus on acrylic paint.  Using direct observation, experimentation, and invention, this course builds understanding of formal principles, color interaction, and the physical qualities of materials.  Assignments support development of a personal vision.
Prereq: AR 133 or 134

AR 264H
Print and Book

This course is an exploration and development of monoprint, relief and letterpress processes and how sequential images can be formatted into a variety of books. Discussion will occur around printmaking and book art history as well as, critiques of student’s course work.
Prereq: AR 133

AR 351E
Special Topics in Jewelry and Metals
Jewelry: Design – Production – and the Marketplace

Enlisting a variety of tools and methods unique to the jewelry production industry, students will explore innovative approaches to designing and making both “serial production” (e.g. limited editions) and “one-off” studio jewelry.  Assignments will engage “real world” issues, focusing upon the interconnection of design, production, and the marketplace.
Prereq: AR 219 or permission of instructor