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COURSES FOR  FALL 2013        

AH100      Ways of Seeing: Survey of Western Art; Jolly 

AH104      Ways of Seeing: Survey of Asian Art; Gulbransen

AH108      Ways of Seeing:  Imag(in)ing the Modern World;

AH203      Native American Art; Aronson

AH220      Writing in Art History: Hellman

AH221      Practices of Art History; Hellman

AH241      Renaissance Europe; Jolly

AH251N:   Special Topics: Asian; Gulbransen

Art of the Buddhist World
Presents an overview of Buddhist art and architecture, beginning with its origins in South Asia and tracing its dissemination into East and Southeast Asia.  A variety of media will be examined and interpreted within the context of Buddhist religious practice, regional artistic traditions, and shifting religious doctrine.  Topics including the origin of the Buddha image, pilgrimage and modes of worship, Buddhist iconography, and the intersection of Buddhist religion and politics will be discussed. (Designated a non-Western cultures course).

AH330      Late Gothic; Jolly

AH351N    Special Topics: Asian; Gulbransen

The Art of Colonial India
Examines the impact of British colonial expansion on the art and architecture of South Asia between 1750 and 1947.  This class explores the ways in which visual forms engaged with imperial ideologies, either promoting or resisting Western presence in India.  Paintings, photographs, buildings, monuments, and other objects produced by both indigenous and European artists will be considered alongside primary source texts and seminal writings on post-colonial theory.  Issues including race, gender, religion, class/caste, and the politics of display will be addressed as they relate to artistic production in this period. (Designated a non-Western cultures course).

AH364      Contemporary Art; Hauser

AH375D    Seminar:  African Textiles and Dress; Aronson   
                (description below)

AH380      Art History Major and Beyond; Hauser


AH375D:   African Textiles and Dress   4 credits 

African textiles and dress is the focus of this seminar. Working with actual collections, we will explore this fascinating topic from a variety of perspectives, including issues of production; materials; and aesthetics; textiles and dress as visual currency, as markers of identity, and as text; the impact of colonialism, trade and globalization; and African fashion in the contemporary world.   


AH103   Ways of Seeing:   Arts of Africa, Oceania, Americas:

AH104    Ways of Seeing: Survey of Asian Art, Gulbransen

AH107    Ways of Seeing: The Domestic Interior, Hellman

AH207    African Art, Aronson

AH220    Writing in Art History, Hellman

AH223    Roman Art and Archaeology, Mechem

AH257    Nineteenth-Century Art, Hellman

AH268    Ad/dressing the Body (plus honors add on), Jolly

AH321    History of Photography, Hauser

AH361D  Topics in Gender and Visual Culture: Arts of Africa
              and the Americas; Aronson

AH351N   Special topics course in Asian, fulfills breadth area "e", Gulbransen

AH375     Seminar on dress in the late medieval and 
              Renaissance world; Jolly