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Art History Department

Senior Portfolios

To all second-semester senior majors:

You are requested to compile a portfolio of your work in art history and write a brief two-page assessment of your progress.  Please take care to compile a thoughtful and professional record of your education in art history (we suggest you place items neatly in a binder).  Each portfolio will be read by at least two faculty members.

Portfolio contents should include:

1.  list of the art history and studio art classes you have taken, as well as classes in other disciplines that have enriched your understanding of art history.

2.  elected samples of your work in art history at all levels, with faculty commentary on the work, including:

3.  material that evidences the special projects, study abroad, work or internship experiences that have enriched your art historical education.

4.  a two-page written self-assessment which relates your experience in the major to the goals we have established for the major and comments on your personal, intellectual growth as evidenced by the supporting materials in the portfolio.  In writing the self-assessment, please answer the following questions; where appropriate, note the type of experience that particularly helped you attain a particular goal or aspect of a goal:  internships, study abroad, and/or a course or courses: