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Senior Thesis Guidelines for Art History Faculty and Students 

The senior thesis is a year-long, independent research project culminating in a substantive paper of approximately 25-50 pages. Students normally enroll in AH371 in the fall and AH381 in the spring; in some cases, enrollment in AH381 may follow intensive work completed in a 300-level course other than AH371.  Students may also be encouraged to take LI371(Electronic Information Resources).  The year offers an important learning experience carefully mentored by faculty advisors.  Writing a thesis is not an entitlement but a privilege.  Before accepting a student for thesis work, the potential advisor thoroughly evaluates the student's ability, commitment, and preparation, and considers whether the match of advisor and student is academically appropriate.  Generally, the student should have taken at least one course with the advisor. The thesis is necessarily a unique process for each student and her/his advisor; it must be customized, often by trial-and-error, during the process itself. 

Working process

Junior year, Spring

Senior year, Fall

NOTE: if a student decides not to complete the thesis, or the advisor decides the student should not continue with the project, s/he needs to renegotiate with her/his advisor the nature of the final project for AH371 credit, which will be due at the end of the fall semester.

Winter break:  Student begins drafting the thesis.

Senior year, Spring