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Art History Department
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Students electing to minor in art history are required to successfully complete a minimum of five courses of 2 or more credits each (at least one at the 300 level), for a minimum of 17 credits. Students should consult the Chair of the Department of Art History for approval.

For information about double-counting of courses between majors and minors please see "Academic Requirements and Regulations" under the heading "Multiple Counting of Courses" in this catalog.

Students may receive AP (Advanced Placement) credit in art history. A score of 4 or 5 earns the student four college credits. It is the program's policy that the AP credits can count as AH100 and may be applied toward a major or minor in art history. A score of 5 will automatically receive this credit; a score of 4 requires consultation with the Chair of the Department of Art History before it is approved.

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