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Our Alumni can be found all over the world in many exciting and varied fields. Following is a list of some of our alumni and where they are now!

Sarah Benton '03

Has completed several internships since graduation. One internship was at the Squam Lakes Natural Science Center in Holderness, NH, which she highly recommends to other Skidmore students. Currently, she is living in Alexandria, NH and is working at the Squam Lakes Natural Science Center as a Guided Discoveries Instructor. She works with school groups and the general public. Sarah also enjoys working with the native wildlife of NH, including porcupines, skunks, owls, hawks, and turtles.

Stephanie Brubaker '96

Graduated from Mt. Sinai School of Medicine in 2001 with a MS in Genetic Counseling. She is currently working as a genetic research assistant at the Medical College of Ohio. The study she is involved in is trying to find a genetic link to lung cancer, and is funded by the National Cancer Institute.

Jillian Emmons '01

Is a graduate student at Dartmouth College working on a dendritic cell based cancer vaccine for Glioblastoma Multiforme, the most common adult malignant brain tumor.

Scott Hayes '98

Received his MA in Psychology from the University of Arizona in 2002 and completed his Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology at the University of Arizona in 2006. He completed his postdoctoral fellowship at the Center for Cognitive Neuroscience and Bryan Alzheimer's Disease Research Center at Duke University and Duke Medical Center. He is currently a faculty member in the Neuroimaging Research Center and the Memory Disorders Research Center at the Boston Veteran Affairs Medical Center. His research focuses on the investigation of the neural mechanisms of human memory using functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) with young adults, older adults, and patient populations.

Matt Heidtman '96

Is a graduate student/researcher in the Biochemistry department at Dartmouth Medical School in Lebanon, NH.

Dylan Hirsch '94

Received his DVM from Ross University in 2001. He is currently working as a veterinarian in Westbury, New York.

Anne (Foss) Innis '96

Is currently writing her Biology Ph.D. thesis. She did her work at the University of Maryland and the Smithsonian Environmental Research Center. Anne received her Master's degree from the University of Maryland in 2003. She currently lives in Boston, MA and is a Smithsonian Fellow.

David Joyal '97

Iis currently living in Hoboken, NJ. He is practicing intellectual property law in New York City for the NY office of Pitney Hardin, LLP. After Skidmore, he spent 3 years in Boston working as a lab technician, first for 2 years at Brigham and Women's Hospital, and then for a year at the Harvard AIDS Institute. He went to law school from 2002-2003 at Emory in Altlanta, and also interned with the American Cancer Society and the CDC while there.

Martiza Martinez '98

Is a medical student at SUNY Stony Brook School of Medicine in Setauket, NY.

Andy Moeller '02

Is currently living in Boston, MA. He is working in the Department of Molecular Biology at Massachusetts General Hospital running the DNA Synthesis lab. This lab provides the research community in and around the hospital with custom and modified oligonucleotides for use in a broad range of research topics.

Andrew Pattison '99

Received his MPA from the University of Colorado at Denver in 2006. He is currently a Research Associate for the Wirth Chair in Environmental Policy at the University of Colorado at Denver. The group researches and advocates for sound greenhouse gas emission reduction strategies at the local, state, and national level. More info on the Wirth Chair can be found at http://www.ucdenver.edu/about/Initiatives/Sustainability/Pages/UCDWirthChair.aspx. Andrew is also working on a Ph.D. in Public Affairs with a concentration in Environmental Policy and Law at the Graduate School of Public Affairs at the University of Colorado at Denver.

Jordan Schaul '96

Serves as the Assistant Director of the Laboratory for Wildlife & Environmental Health at Western University's College of Veterinary Medicine in Los Angeles, CA. He completed his PhD in Veterinary Microbiology/Parasitology with an emphasis in zoo & conservation medicine at Ohio State's CVM in July 2006. Jordan conducts epizootiological & behavioral research on captive mustelids (fishers), procyonids, & free-ranging and captive bears. He collaborates with over 120 zoological parks on four continents in an effort to assess the health & welfare of all 8 species of bears His research involves the study of infectious diseases of captive bear populations held in zoological parks. Jordan is also very active in many organizations and publications related to his field of study. More information on Jordan's research is available on his website at www.bearconservationmedicine.org. He would be delighted to talk with current and perspective Skidmore students in regards to careers in wildlife biology or conservation medicine. Please feel free to contact him at jcschau@aim.com.

Dario Shuster '94

Received his MD from St. George's School of Medicine in 2005. He is currently a second year Psychiatry Resident at Cooper University Hospital. Dario resides in Galloway, NJ.

Eric Steinberg '96

Received his DVM from Ohio State University College of Veterinary Medicine in 2003, and his Masters from the Pennsylvania State University College of Medicine in 2005. He currently resides in Forest Hills, NY. Eric is the Clinical Veterinarian at Albert Einstein College of Medicine, as well as an Assistant Professor in the Department of Pathology. He also works as a relief and exotic veterinarian at four emergency practices in NYC and Long Island. Along with traditional medicine, Eric advocates supplementary holistic and organic approaches with all his patients. He would be happy to speak with any Skidmore students interested in a career in veterinary medicine.

Brian Stevens '00

Is a graduate student in the Biochemistry department at Dartmouth College in Lebanon, NH. He is working in the lab of Dr. Amy Anderson, and his project involves structural studies, via x-ray crystallography, and redesign of enzymes responsible for antibiotic synthesis. In July 2001, he married Skidmore classmate Jessica (Stormont) Stevens '00.

Dana Warren '98

Received a Masters from Cornell University in 2003. He is currently a Ph.D. candidate at Cornell studying the nutrient cycling and fish ecology in stream ecosystems.

Elliot Wasser '98

Received his MD from the University of Connecticut in 2005. He is currently living in Providence, RI, where he is a third year resident physician at Brown University. Elliot works in Diagnostic and Interventional Radiology with a research interest in minimally invasive approaches to cancer treatment. He is happy to speak with Skidmore students who are interested in attending medical school.

Sharma Yashoda '95

Received her Ph.D. from the University of Iowa in 2005. After graduate school, she did post-doctoral work at the Jackson Laboratory in Maine, working on hematopoietic stem cells. After completing her post-doctoral work, she became a project manager for the Genetic Resource Science Department at the laboratory. Sharma notes that Jackson Laboratory is the premier institute for the study of mammalian genetics and mouse models of human diseases. They also offer highly competitive summer internships for first and second year undergraduate students. Sharma currently resides in Ellsworth, Maine.

Tracy Young '97

Received a Ph.D. from Havard University in 2004. Tracy is currently living in Weymouth, MA, doing postdoctoral work in the lab of Dr. Dennis Selkoe at Harvard Medical School. The lab is working on neurodegenerative disorders.

Michael Zwillman '83

Received his MD from Ross University School of Medicine in 1988. He completed residency at UMDNJ/Beth Israel in Newark, NJ and a Critical Care Fellowship at University of Toronto/Sunnybrook Health Science Center in Toronto, Canada. He worked for a time in the Cardiovascular Intensive Care Unit at the Methodist Hospital in Houston, TX. He is still at Methodist Hospital, but now works in the Neurosurgical Intensive Care Unit, where he provides post operative care to tumor resections, vascular bypass, bleeds (traumatic and vascular etiology), strokes (ischemic and hemorrhagic) as well as hemodynamic and ventilator management of patients with myasthenic crisis, Guillain Barre, and intractable seizures.

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